Japanese researchers suggest ice cream for Breakfast

Photo: Google Images

Forget about cereals, muesli, sandwiches and omelets. Japanese scientists propose to have Breakfast ice cream – they found that the use of this product in the morning improves brain function.

Arihiko, Koga (Koga Yoshihiko) and his colleagues from Tokyo University of Kyorin (Kyorin University) conducted an experiment in which participants began each morning your Breakfast with ice cream, eating three spoonfuls. After that, they underwent a series of tests aimed at assessing memory, reaction and other abilities.

The researchers found that those who ate ice cream, had better response, and better perceived than those who did not use this product.

The authors have studied how the brain of the subjects, and noticed that eating ice cream caused an increase in alpha waves in the brain. It has been suggested that the cold ice cream just makes the human brain out of a sleepy state, making “stranitsa”. That is not the case in the product itself, but in its temperature.

To test this hypothesis, the researchers conducted a similar experiment, when Breakfast was offered to start not with ice cream, and with cups of cold water. People from the experimental group there have indeed been some improvements, but they were not so clearly expressed, as after eating ice cream.

In General, while a clear answer to the question of why ice cream stimulates the brain, scientists are not. In addition, it is unclear whether to use a certain ice cream or any.

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