Kadyrov has denied reports of plans to recruit and retain U.S. commandos

The President of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov has denied media reports that construction in Gudermes International study center will be taught by instructors of the US special forces, the official portal of the head and government of Chechnya.

“Grunt” Of Putin. Ramzan Kadyrov became a politician of the world level

“If we keep on the current US special forces, don’t really know what these guys can teach the Russian soldiers. Our team at the world Championships in Jordan ranked first, and the Americans were somewhere in the first twenty. The official power structures of the States we have in Chechnya fall under sanctions,” — said Kadyrov.

He added that, of course, in the US there is a really cool experts with rich experience in overt and covert operations in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

“Private experts from the USA, at least, such an interest have,” he said, stressing that several applications from American specialists have already received.

“These are people with the name. Going to watch,” summed up the Chechen head, once again reminded about the sanctions.

We will remind that earlier in mass media appeared information about the fact that private instructors from the United States can take a job in international training center for the training of the special forces, being built in Chechnya.

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