Kyiv outraged by the burning of Ukrainian flag by activists of “Other Russia”

In Kiev called a provocation attack on Ukrainian national cultural center in Moscow, which was burned the state flag of Ukraine. The Ministry of foreign Affairs expressed to the Russian side “strong protest” and demanded to punish the arsonists.


The Ukrainian foreign Ministry said it was outraged by the “criminal abuse” on state symbol of the country during the protests that occurred on 22 November at the Old Arbat. This is stated in comments published on the Agency’s website.

In Kiev expressed confidence that the action was planned and “authorized character”, which, according to Ukrainian diplomats, indicates “lack of response” from the Russian law enforcement agencies.

Foreign Ministry described the incident as “a provocation whose aim is inciting ethnic hatred and artificial imposition of Russian society anti-Ukrainian aggression”. The Ministry demanded an immediate investigation of the crime and called for the publicity of the court verdict.

Responsibility for action at the Ukrainian cultural center on Staryi Arbat took the unregistered party “the Other Russia” Eduard Limonov.

The evening of November 22 its activists painted the wall of the centre, leaving the inscription “Kharkov — Russian city” and burned the flag Square. Thus they expressed their disagreement with the actions of Ukrainian authorities in the Donbass.

The rioters fled the scene before cops arrived. In fact the incident initiated preliminary examination, the administration of the cultural center requested records from surveillance cameras.

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