Let distant, but our. At the enterprises of the far Eastern Federal district will appear 80 thousand vacancies

Four years ago at the APEC summit in Vladivostok, Vladimir Putin said: “If in the near future we do not take practical steps for the development of the Far East, for several decades its population will speak Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages”. Now, the government invests heavily in the economic growth of this region. It created the priority development areas (Torah) and investment projects designed to attract these new residents. Will attract? And whether these settlers all citizens of China, which in the region now, according to various estimates, whether 400 thousand, or several million?

The correspondent of “AIF” went to the far East and how the region is ready to interest the inhabitants of Central Russia.

Photo: AiF/ Dmitry Vladimirov

The benefit is obvious

The city of Arsenyev, 160 km from Vladivostok. Forming enterprise — the plant “Progress”, part of the holding “Helicopters of Russia”. Here make attack helicopters “alligator”, one of the most advanced cars in its class. Orders from the Ministry of defence enough, not enough specialists.

Photo: AiF/ Dmitry Vladimirov

“We have the most distant plant of the holding out personnel problems. We need people who come here for a long time, — says Evgeny Makarov, Deputy managing Director for HR. — Many specialties in the region simply do not teach. For example, there is no training on the onboard radio-electronic means of communication. Therefore, attracting young people from Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, Irkutsk. Provide training paid by the “lift” provided a place in a hostel or room for family. Give the initial payment for the purchase of housing, compensate the interest on the mortgage. Our wages are high, there are social guarantees.”

Now, according to Makarov, “Progress” are nearly 300 people a year will add another 200 jobs. This is mainly engineering (engineers, designers, metallurgists, chemists) and highly skilled workers (turners, millers, machine operators, assemblers riveters, etc.).

Photo: AiF/ Dmitry Vladimirov

The labor market in the far East specific. Its distinctive feature is the strongly developed rotational method. People come here for 3-4 months, working on salmon putine, then gold, then on timber harvesting. And then return home. In Buryatia, Tuva, Altai, Novosibirsk oblast… the Employer pays for the road. The benefit is obvious: wages in the district are higher than in the whole country. Nominal average monthly earnings is 42.5 thousand rubles, as against 34 thousand “in the West” (as the far East talking about the rest of Russia). In Yakutia it reaches 81 thousand, Sakhalin — 65 thousand But the shift-workers wages above the average: the work is hard.

SKOLKOVO was not created there. Expert on how not to lose the far East

“However, shifts the economy of this region is still not up. And plans large-scale: it is planned large investment projects in the next 5 years will create more than 80 thousand new jobs, — says Pavel Ignatiev, first Deputy General Director of the Agency for the development of human capital in the far East (ARCC DV). To fill them, can not do without bringing in new residents. Enterprises with only one free port of Vladivostok will need 26 million employees. 80% of the demand will be in “blue collar”, i.e. highly skilled workers. And do not say that these professions are not prestigious. Sometimes it happens that the enterprise need only 20, and then 5 specialists — fitters, assemblers-riveters — but without them, this project does not run! Big demand for professions related to fisheries and aquaculture: the captains of the vessels, masters of fishing, operators of fishing machines”.

Photo: AiF/ Dmitry Vladimirov

Applicants to make it easier to navigate, the Agency has made “Navigator professions” that are relevant for the Far East in 2016-2021. the List is published on the website and updated every three months, giving an indication of the most developing industries demanded specialists and salaries (see table).

Promising industry of the Far East

The average salary

Oil and natural gas
75 558 RUB.

Production, transmission
and redistribution of electricity
56 382 RUB.

Mining of metal ores
62 224 RUB

43 983 RUB.

The building complex
43 999 RUB.

Transport and logistics complex
45 420 RUB.

41 450 RUB.

Tourist and recreational complex
41 450 RUB.

“We need doctors and teachers”

Kamchatka catch of about 1 million tons of fish per year. Other region in Russia. People here live from Putin to Putin, everything revolves around the fishing industry. But not all of it is exhausted. In the coming years in the region will create 15-20 thousand vacancies.

Photo: AiF/ Dmitry Vladimirov

“The locals are just not enough to fill all these jobs, admits Governor Vladimir Ilyukhin. For example, in recent years, the region opened several gold mines. Specialists driven from the mainland. Or that restored the farm — was also forced to invite people from other regions. There is a need in the public sector. We do not have enough 300 medical workers. As well as school teachers. Primarily in physics and mathematics, preferably men.”

Photo: AiF/ Dmitry Vladimirov

It is clear that deciding to move thousands of miles to actually start life with a clean slate, not everyone is capable. Regional programmes to improve labour mobility provide different types of support. This compensation in case of moving and housing, and support training. To first consultation by going to the website ARCK DV and filling out the feedback form. There you can leave the summary to search for suitable vacancies.

The settling of the Far East dreamed of Pyotr Stolypin. In Soviet times, this task was allocated huge resources: people, ready to move into distant lands program selhozperepisi, received not only the work on the farm, but land, house, cow and pig. But (historically) the population of this region is still reduced. But it is strategically important for Russia: occupying more than a third of the country’s territory, the Russian far East is located in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region where the economy is growing rapidly and a leader in the world.

It is not excluded that will soon live in the far East will become more prestigious than “the West”. But someone out there will be more — citizens of Russia or neighboring countries — depends on us.

Photo: AiF/ Dmitry Vladimirov

Who ha?

One of the instruments of the Far East development program “far Eastern hectare”. From October 1, every resident of the far Eastern Federal district can get land for free use, and after 5 years to issue it in the property. In consideration of the application are given 20 days. At the moment, was more than 12 thousand applications.

What can be grown in far hectare?

More than 500 people have already received sites. The most popular types of land use are housing construction, agriculture and recreational activities (arrangement of places for hunting and fishing).

From 1 February 2017, the program will work for all the citizens of Russia. According to Dmitry Ferapontov, coordinator of the project “far Eastern hectare” in DFO, now the analysis of complaints shows that the greatest interest in obtaining plots showing the people of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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