Media: Khodorkovsky may become a suspect in money laundering in Ireland

Mikhail Khodorkovsky can file formal charges in the case of money laundering, which is the police of Ireland, writes the Irish Times.

The Sins Of “Yukos”. Khodorkovsky’s indictment of his former lawyer

The former head of Yukos is a potential suspect, and the question of the charges against him should be taken by the Prosecutor, the publication said the representative of law enforcement bodies.

This week Mikhail Khodorkovsky asked the court to unblock the accounts in Ireland for a total of about 100 million euros. The money frozen for the past five years at the request of the police in connection with the law on money laundering and sponsoring terrorism.

For the first time the arrest of accounts was produced in 2011. He has since renewed every 28 days – the maximum period permitted under your local laws.

According to the media, Khodorkovsky and his partners were trying to convince the police that these funds were received from the transactions of Yukos. Militiamen, in turn, say that it is important how the money.

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