Media: to pay for large purchases in cash in the Russian ban no earlier than 2019

Discussion of the draft law prohibiting the Russians to pay in cash for major purchases, postponed to 2018, Izvestia reports, citing officials of the financial-economic bloc of the government of the Russian Federation.

Thus, the appropriate requirement, considering the transition period, you may receive in the country before 2019.

That will save our money?

According to experts, on the postponement of affect the fact that in Russia there is still no corresponding payment infrastructure. In addition, the proposed measure proved unpopular.

The bill, under which Russian citizens were forbidden to pay for goods worth more than 300 thousand rubles in cash, was developed by the Ministry of Finance in 2013. It was assumed that this measure will allow to reduce illegal turnover of funds and reduce cash turnover in the country, growing from year to year.

It was originally proposed to oblige the Russians from 1 January 2014 to pay by Bank card purchase worth more than 600 thousand rubles, and from 1 January 2016 – more than 300 thousand rubles. However, the discussion of the bill has stalled, including due to the imposition of Western sanctions.

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