Participant of “races” on the Gelandewagen will work out judicial punishment janitor

Participant race Gelandewagen Mara Baghdasaryan

Photo: Kirill Zykov/AGN”Moscow”

Participant race Gelandewagen Mara Baghdasaryan will work as a janitor in the North of Moscow, serving 595 hours of compulsory work. Also she is obliged to serve 14 days in administrative detention and to pay 139 thousand rubles of fines

Participated in the “race” with the police on Gelandewagen Mara Baghdasaryan will be appointed to serve her with court hours of mandatory work by working as a janitor in the North of Moscow, the Agency reports city news “Moscow”.

According to the judge, to work Baghdasaryan will be to the address: street Hour, d. 28. The court on Thursday fined violators for another 5 thousand rubles, so the total amount of fines reached 139 thousand.

November 24, discusses five remaining administrative protocols drawn up on the process. For the previous seven days of meetings she was scheduled 24 days of administrative arrest (10 of them she had already served) and 595 hours of compulsory work.

5 November, the police wrote an administrative fine Mare Baghdasaryan, for incorrectly parked car on Leninsky Prospekt. When the traffic police checked the documents, it turned out that the girl among the 16 unpaid fines. Baghdasaryan was detained, and the case file the following day was sent to the court. Just the attitude of the violator was made 51 minutes of an administrative offense.

Mara Baghdasaryan also was a witness in a court case about “race” on the Gelandewagen. She was in the car in which the perpetrators tried to hide from the police after participating in a night race. The court appointed her a sentence of 10 days of administrative arrest.

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