Participating in the race with the police, he was obliged to work as a janitor

Participated in the race with the police jeep of the son of the Deputy head of “LUKOIL” Mara Baghdasaryan will leave the assigned court hours of obligatory works as a janitor in the North of the capital for non-payment of fines for violation of traffic rules, the Agency Moscow.

“G” is incurable? Mara Baghdasaryan was detained again for violating traffic rules

Known for the place of work, where Baghdasarian will keep clean.

She will serve his community service as a janitor in the area of Falcon street Hour, d. 28.

Later, the magistrate will consider the remaining five administrative protocols drawn up on the process.

Recall that speaker has now got 24 days of administrative arrest, 595 hours of compulsory work, administrative fines in the amount of 134 thousand.

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