Rise! How to Wake up in the morning dark

Our expert endocrinologist, candidate of medical Sciences Yury Potashkin.

The sun

The desire to sleep longer in the morning dark is quite natural. All our physiological processes are tied to sunrise and sunset. Including wakefulness and sleep.

In the dark, as you know, produces melatonin, which allows us to sleep. With the sunrise, the body begins to throw another hormone — cortisol. It allows us to feel alert and energetic during the day. The peak of his production came in the sunrise. And not the calendar, a real, that is when the window begins to dawn.

The mode of life for a student: walk after school and reading before going to sleep

By the way, on cloudy days because of the lack of light cortisol can be produced in smaller quantities, and therefore of cheerfulness we get a little bit. That is why a gray overcast in the morning so unbearably sleepy.

Some scientists believe that the optimal timing of school lessons is 10 o’clock in the morning when the body wakes up completely. For example, scientists from Oxford University examined students and found that those who classes begin at 10 a.m., studied much better than their peers, whose lessons started at 8 am. But Britain is in the Northern latitudes, and our country. Maybe it would be worth to reconsider the time school began?

But here mind neurologists. The main activity of the brain is in the morning, and in the interval from one hour to three hours a day comes a recession. If you move classes start at a later time, a part of the lessons will inevitably occur in this recession.

Severe stress and excessive fatigue. Why do student have a headache?

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It is important is not when, but how much

In fact, sleep-deprived child, or not, is affected to a greater degree when he stood up, and how many hours he slept. And how would a teenager not claimed that seven hours of sleep is enough, but the trouble with early rising, it is not. Younger children should sleep about 10 hours. Students middle and high school — 8-9 hours. If they sleep less in the morning they will be hard to Wake up, even if the window is already the sun is shining.

Excuses that he’s not used to going to bed early and can’t fall asleep, no more than excuses. According to sleep, retraining with “owl” to “lark” in children occurs within two weeks. Parents need only to stand firm to raise their child at seven in the morning and to bed at 9-10 PM. Yes, the first days, maybe it will be some time tonight to toss and turn without sleeping. But very soon the lack of sleep will take its toll and the baby will fall asleep in due time.

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What prevents sleep?

Paradoxically, the greater impact on the quality of sleep, the constant change of the regime. You allowed the child to go to bed later, and maybe even skip the first lesson. Then suddenly starts, rigor, and you require to at nine in the evening the student was in bed. Then again sit at the lessons and placed closer to midnight…

In principle, our biorhythms are unable to adapt to any regime. But if we change it, they begin to fail. So doctors do not accidentally insist that kids need the routine, which must be clearly observed and the time of bedtime and rise.

The second common problem is poor sleep — night snacking. Like already child is going to go, but a caring mother or grandmother decide before going to sleep to feed him, thereby increasing the level of blood sugar. But this morning’s release of cortisol — the hormone vitality — occurs with reduced sugar. At high values of cortisol produced is weaker. So the child should Wake up hungry.

And the lack of light outside the window to compensate for bright lights in the room.

The first reader

Oleg Horsemen, the dentist, the TV presenter:

— I would recommend to stick to a clear daily routine and take vitamin complexes. This will facilitate the awakening of a gloomy autumn morning.

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