Schlossberg demanded to check the actions of the security forces because of the tragedy in Strugi Krasnie

The Deputy of the Pskov regional Assembly Lev Shlosberg said on its website on sending requests to the Investigative Committee and the Prosecutor General’s office in connection with the deaths of two teenagers in Strugi Krasnie. Young people according to the official version he committed suicide.

In queries, the Deputy from “Apple” asks the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika to conduct a check concerning the public Prosecutor of Pskov region Sergey Belov: according to the politician, he has not exercised its authority fully, and thus improperly performed their duties.

Schlossberg explained that the Prosecutor is not only not attracted to negotiate with adolescents, psychologists and school staff, where they studied, but did not protest against the fact that the house has taken siege of the law enforcement officers were negotiating through “threats and ultimatums”, as a result, according to the Deputy, and there was a double suicide of teenagers.

The Schlossberg stressed that in the case of the taking of hostages (initially there were reports that the conflict with adolescents is regarded so), the presence of a psychologist prescribed in the regulations.

The second request of the Deputy head of SK Alexander Bastrykin is devoted to the actions of the employees of Regardie that attempted the storming of the house, in which were found the bodies of teenagers. Schlossberg notes that at the moment the case was initiated only against the deceased teenagers under the article on encroachment on life of law enforcement officer, when he deems considers it necessary to verify events on the possibility of initiating proceedings in a number of articles about the incitement to suicide, beatings, leaving in danger, and the negligent storage of firearms, abuse of office and negligence. In these cases, the dead teenagers are themselves could be victims.

In the end, the Deputy asked to analyze the case from the point of view of all the circumstances: he suspects that the house could be third parties that law enforcement officers did not use “special means of capacity limitations”, which would have helped to avoid the tragedy and that they are unprofessional negotiated.

We will remind that the tragedy of Strugi Krasnie in the Pskov took place on 14 November when the two teenagers live on the Internet talked about how shooting at police, killing dogs and going to die, which eventually happened. In the end of the broadcast they said that he refused from his intention, dropping all the weapons out the window, however, in the end of the assault, their bodies were found with gunshot wounds, although the security forces claim that the weapons were not used.

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