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The Academy of Sciences was humiliated twice: first it was subordinated to the power vertical, and now caught on establishing business ties with government officials

The main sensation of the last time elections in the United States and in the Academy. Events truly presidential level for a long time, don ‘ t let go of attention of the international scientific and any other public.

Revolt vertical

And then, finally, in Moscow, the Catherine hall of the Kremlin, the long-awaited meeting of the two presidents. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin met with President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Evgenyevich Fortov and had with him a short, short conversation. The conversation happened at a meeting of the Council under the President of Russia on science and education and was devoted to results of elections to the Academy of Sciences of 2016. Putin complained to the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences on the occasion of the election of a number of senior officials, on the ballot for the academicians and the corresponding members in spite of his direct and categorical prohibition. 25 high-level officials disobeyed their President, and moved, and 14 of them wards of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, dutifully elected. The leader of nation has addressed this issue to the leader of the science with all its inherent [the leader of the nation] directness: “Why did you do it?”

The assertion that elected people deserve the desired effect had no effect. In response, Vladimir Putin spoke in the sense that to combine outstanding research with intense hardware, management, and the more political work is impossible. Thus, academics as its awkward and short-sighted act has put the President to have to dismiss elected to the Russian figures of science and management from their government posts. And, presumably, he will do it: it sounded almost like “soak in the toilet”. Man, it is said, is not vindictive, but evil loves, and he has a good memory.

All of these events — a good sign. The last time is, there are some gaps — a common desire for purification. After such statements of the Russian scientists and functionaries of the WAC will surely exhibit great courage and integrity in cases involving indecent weak, sometimes just ignorant of the theses of the infamous Ministers. Here the title was given — there is a need to deprive. We’ll have to do something, then not to hear from the President: “Why didn’t you?”

However, with all this, oddly enough, I remember the story of domestic cheese. After the introduction of contracti our cheese-making industry was on the rise and a long time, it was. But then it turned out that approximately 90% of all this hurricane of import substitution — gross adulteration. Scandal; people are puzzled fateful questions: what is it that they produce and what we eat?

According to the list of favorites this year academicians and corresponding members of at least seven people broke an unofficial ban Putin.


  • the Senator from Buryatia Arnold Tulokhonov
  • Deputy Minister of education and science Alexey Lopatin.

Corresponding members:

  • Deputy interior Minister Alexander Savenkov;
  • the Director of the Department of science, innovation development and management of biomedical health risks, Ministry of health Sergey Rumyantsev;
  • chief medical Directorate of the presidential Administration, Konstantin Kotenko;
  • the head of the main military medical Directorate of the defense Ministry Alexander Fisun;
  • the Deputy Director of the Russian Foundation for basic research (RFBR) Igor Sheremet.

Scary is not what people eat (they have forged their destiny in the elections), and the fact that the state does not work. But if it works, it is entirely at your pocket. Counterfeit cheeses, dissertations, etc. as a drop of water shows what a trap we all were.

These scandals are not even a surface part of a huge iceberg, and so the bubbles on the water. At least something to break the solution to these problems still have not been able-even point symbolically. But here, it seems, has broken national leader spat directly into the soul of his vertical. This sassy, defiant, but also of collective disobedience has still not been and it was even hard to imagine.

Awkward situation

However, it is much more difficult than with cheese. The Academy was humiliated twice. First, she was subjected to vertical, and now wondering why she doesn’t want to spoil this vertical business and human relations. Moreover, the number of nominees not just showed initiative, but also coordinated its actions with supervisors. Why in this situation, academicians and personally, the FORTS were supposed to think that the presidential ban a year ago still remains in force? Who in the scientific community might think that among the unscientific, and the more pseudo – and even anti-scientific, anyone can afford to grossly misbehave with direct presidential recommendations?

Though if to think, certainly could: steal in the vertical system, the President is also prohibited, and more than once.

The scandal will have far-reaching consequences. Already has.

Fortova the President stated publicly, moreover, clearly to the audience. It is, of course, understands that the FORTS here are not the first who need to make a claim. Maybe even the last. But a reason to be beautiful. And to publicly scold their subordinates — put himself in a stupid position. We are here to manage the world and America are frightened to death, and on the margins of your own greatness blatantly omitted, showing the absence of the chief — of fear.

This means that the vertical is ready to go racing. Or already underway. People will have to change one President to another. But, maybe, Academy of Sciences, even in its current poor condition is a more reliable shelter than the corridors of power? It is better to lose seats than to wait for the fate of the speaker.

Although it is unlikely that all limited only to the dismissal from the civil service. The situation is significant and draws on the new iconic statement.

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