Scientific Secretary of the RAS, said that officials cannot cancel my membership

Frank was surprised in wounds news about the impending dismissal of officials who become members of the Academy of Sciences. Yet to comment on the position expressed by President Putin, the leadership Academy is not at risk, themselves newly minted academicians and corresponding members took a nervous pause. However, we were able to see how state officials could simultaneously be academic scientists to bypass the ban on combining this with Ministerial work. This is what we told the chief scientific Secretary of the RAS Mikhail Paltsev.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

– Mikhail, how many people from the list is selected in the structure of RAS was in limbo? Whom are threatened with displacement?

– If to speak about the higher officials, they are only seven. But in General, people connected with the state structures, 25.

– On the website of the Ministry of health posted congratulations to the newly elected members of the RAS. There is a list, and Sergey Rumyantsev – Director of the Department of science, Ministry of health. Surely no one in the ministries did not know about the ban on combining posts?

– Had to know. Order is that an elected member of the Academy shall submit a notification to the personnel Department of the organization in which he works. It is necessary for tax and other financial Affairs.

– How are the elections of new members of the Academy?

– This is a very complicated and lengthy procedure. A lot of candidates (in the last election was 481 candidate in academics and 1792 of the applicant for the status of corresponding member – Ed.). During the election period, held several closed hearings.

– What is the work in wounds? It really something else?

Is mainly expertise. Reviewing of articles, scientific papers, works, exhibited for the awards and so on. It does not have to go to the Academy to work. Just need the computer. Such duties can be executed on weekends, during the holidays. No problem, please.

– Well, what’s the catch with the officials?

– They have its own characteristics. There are certain difficulties associated with the duration of the working day – it may be irregular. Probably that’s the problem.

– Okay, but some of those who were elected this time, in the Academy of Sciences is not new. The same Vasily Khristoforov, head of the Department of archival funds of the FSB. He simultaneously works in the Institute of Russian history, since 2007, directs the Center for publishing sources on the history of Russia XX century…

– Yes, Vasily Stepanovich is the greatest archivist. Generally, the archives are in principle inseparable from science. Khristoforov revealed more than 700 thousand archival cases of repression.

– He is the only one of those seven officials of the highest level in terms of scientific merit?

– Each of them has its rich scientific history. All before becoming officials, worked in institutions, and then came to public office. All of their students of the scientific school.

– So what do we do now those who got in a sticky situation? They will be able to give up the status of academician and corresponding member of the RAS?

– It’s impossible. Membership in the Academy is life. Someone expressed a desire to abandon the status – we have not had such precedents.

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