Scientists announced that ice cream for Breakfast makes a person smarter

Ice cream, eaten in the morning, improves the functioning of the human brain increases its efficiency and helps you focus. So says a group of Japanese researchers from the University of Kerin.


The researchers invited the volunteers to eat ice cream in the morning, and then undergo several tests to determine the reaction speed, level of care and other indicators. Then, similar tests have been offered to people, ice cream for Breakfast is not consumed. As it turned out, the first group of study participants coped with the tasks better, they better assimilate information faster and perform various actions.

After examining the brain activity of participants experts came to the conclusion that ice cream stimulates the increase in the number of high-amplitude alpha fan. About their relationship with the ability to focus and care was previously known.

The researchers suggest that this reaction is primarily due to the low temperature of ice cream — the cold forces the body to include some sort of “emergency mode”, which the brain begins to work more effectively, writes the Daily

In the future, scientists plan to find the answer to the question, what ingredients the ice cream in the highest degree necessary to obtain the observed effect. In the future, according to researchers, this would create “the perfect ice cream for Breakfast.”

Although the positive effects of ice cream and scientists associated with the fact that it is not sweet, the greatest disadvantage of this fact is probably also considered not to be. Some studies show that a small amount of sweet food, especially for Breakfast, and rarely affect the figure considerably.

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