Special food for the treatment

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A normal and balanced diet is necessary at all stages of development. Besides, who was ill and undergoing difficult treatment or is recovering from illness in hospital or at home, need special nutritional support.

Its importance is discussed at a meeting in Moscow press conference, which was held in MIA “Russia today”. On the issue of nutritional support of patients with cancer said leading oncologists of the country – Alexander Rumyantsev, the Director of the Federal scientific clinical centre of pediatric Hematology, Oncology and immunology named (fnkts dgoi) Dmitry Rogachev, the chief physician of St. Petersburg city clinical Oncology dispensary Georgiy Manikhas and other professionals.

Many patients, especially children, after the start of treatment, e.g. chemotherapy and radiotherapy, develops malnutrition. Lost appetite, drugs impair food absorption, and some types of tumors in General, interfere with normal chewing and swallowing food.

Alexander Rumyantsev said that “malnutrition is the imbalance between needs of organism and the amount of incoming nutrients. Clinical nutrition (nutritional support, artificial nutrition) are providing all the necessary nutrients to sustain life of patients. These methods include parenteral and enteral nutrition. During illness it is especially important to get the necessary nutrients to allow your body to fight disease and speed recovery”.

According to data collected by the chief doctor of the Federal research and clinical centre dgoi name of Rogachev Dmitry Litvinov and his colleagues, even with normal nutritional status, approximately 65% of children losing weight after commencement of inpatient treatment. 45% of them in the course of cancer treatment lose more than 2% of the weight.

Manias stressed that the earlier the nutritional status of patients was underestimated, and now this figure is considered to be one of the most important that affect the success of treatment. Among the negative consequences of malnutrition – impaired growth and development, increasing the duration of hospital stay, increased mortality. Normalization of nutritional status reduces the risk of infectious diseases, improve tolerance of chemotherapy.

Children and adults are reluctant to eat in hospitals, and this problem is common not only in Russia but also in other countries. In order to feed the patients, we have to invent new forms of serving dishes. In the center of Rogachev special food is served in the form of ice cream, and in the near future I plan to create a special “treatment” dumplings.

Svetlana Varfolomeeva, chief children’s oncologist of the Moscow region, noted that many parents of young patients perceive a special meal as a “synthetic product” and therefore refer to it negatively. Doctors have to explain that in some cases a specially designed diet that contains the vitamins and minerals in easily digestible form, much better than chicken soup or other homemade food.

The experts agreed that patients should receive nutritional support, not only in hospital but also after treatment, in the recovery period. You must not only create the regulatory framework for the receipt of such food, but also the training of specialists, able to assess the nutritional status of the patient. Now these shots are not enough


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