That to me snow that to me heat! How to survive the vagaries of the weather

If you are young and healthy, nor heat, nor snow not afraid of you. However, with age, the body’s ability to adapt to weather changes is reduced, appear disease, which increase the weather sensitivity.

Under pressure

Normal atmospheric pressure is 760 mm Hg. Deviations from this figure by more than 10 units can cause poor health.

High atmospheric pressure is especially dangerous for hypertensive patients, in those days, their own pressure is also growing. But and hypotensive patients sometimes have hard times — if atmospheric pressure is high, their blood pressure reaches normal values. However, for this body is unusual, and he may respond a headache.

Abnormal blood pressure. As weather-sensitive people to survive the weather changes?

If the atmospheric pressure falls, hypotension, and often do not find the strength to get out of the house. They are beset with weakness, lethargy, drowsiness. One should not rejoice at the fall of the arrow of barometer and heart problems. At lower atmospheric pressure, the amount of oxygen in the blood decreases, there is shortness of breath, quickens the pulse, but slows down the blood flow, which can lead to heart attack or stroke.

Those who suffer from dystonia often notice fluctuations in atmospheric pressure both in one and in the other direction. These patients often changes not only physical but also emotional state. No wonder vegetovascular dystonia doctors call vegetariana — patients with this disease are often insecure, prone to listen to your body. At the slightest violations of health they feel anxiety, which in turn by itself can cause headaches, heart palpitations and other unpleasant symptoms.

Painful joints can also signal something about the changes in atmospheric pressure are not worse than the barometer. In “bad” days the pressure inside the joint changes, there is pain and aching. But if fluctuations in atmospheric pressure is accompanied by sharp temperature drop and humidity increases, it leads to swelling of the nerve endings in the joint, which intensifies pain.

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Dry or wet?

Humidity can also affect the health of some people. Normally, this ratio is from 40 to 60%.

Too dry air irritates the mucous membrane of the nose, throat and bronchi, and it is dangerous if you have allergies, lung diseases, bronchial asthma. In addition, at low humidity increases concentration of dust and other contaminants, which, of course, does not add to good health of such patients.

At high humidity the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere is reduced, and it is dangerous to cores, because shortness of breath in those days, only intensified.

Weather dependent: what not to eat when high atmospheric pressure

Put the thermometer

The air temperature fluctuations is also rather offensive. With a sharp cold or warming may occur vasospasm, and this is headaches, migraines and dizziness. The changes of the thermometer is directly linked to variations in humidity and atmospheric pressure. So cold, brought a vast cyclone that affects the well-being stronger than the snow that does not change air temperature.

Tips climate

  • Try to spend more time outdoors.
  • High blood pressure as a preventive treatment suitable extracts of hawthorn, dog rose, chokeberry.
  • Don’t neglect natural sedatives: Valerian, motherwort.
  • Hypotensive useful tonic tincture — based on levzei, Eleutherococcus, ginseng.

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    What to protect?

    Unfortunately, tablets can save you from the weather sensitivity does not exist. Not to notice the vagaries of the weather, will have to lead a healthy lifestyle.

    Ensure that sleep was sufficient. A General recommendation is 7-8 hours of sleep a night, but the need for sleep is influenced by age and some diseases. For example, people with low blood pressure for recuperation takes about 10 hours. However, excess sleep also can cause harm, therefore it is not a long time to stay in bed even on weekends or enjoy an afternoon Siesta.

    Weather and health. How we perceive changes in atmospheric pressure

    Follow the weather forecasts. If you are expecting a cold snap or warming, is to listen to yourself and time to take medication.

    Be active. This will allow us to train the heart and improve the elasticity of blood vessels. Which means that the body will be easier to adapt to the environmental changes. As physical activity can be a brisk walk. It should not cause discomfort: a knock at the temples, shortness of breath, palpitations too. Simple test: during a brisk walk you should be able to maintain a conversation with his companion.

    Eat right. On your Desk must have enough vitamins, especially A, C and group B. one should Not become a vegetarian, however, when changes in atmospheric pressure, it is better not to consume fatty meats.

    Tempers. The best way to train the blood vessels — a contrast shower. Turn on warm water, hold it under the tap for 2-3 minutes. Then increase the temperature of the water for 1 minute, and then stand under cold water for 30 seconds. Up cold douches, and the difference between the hot and cold water should not exceed 15 degrees.

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