The court has forbidden to publish on the Internet the instructions for “kickbacks” to officials

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Krasnoyarsk court has forbidden to circulate on the territory of Russia information about methods of bribery and commercial bribery. The court asked the Prosecutor’s office, which found in the Internet article “How to give kickbacks”

The Central district court of Krasnoyarsk granted the Prosecutor’s request for the city and recognized as “prohibited for distribution in the territory of the Russian Federation” the information about methods of bribery and commercial bribery, according to a statement on the website of the Prosecutor’s office of Krasnoyarsk Krai.

The reason for going to court was monitoring the Internet, the results of which the Supervisory authority has identified “a number of sites that provide information about methods of bribery and commercial bribery”. In particular, the Prosecutor’s office discovered sites was posted article “How to give kickbacks”, despite the fact that the Russian criminal code provides criminal penalties for commercial bribery (article 204 of the criminal code) and bribery (article 291 of the criminal code).

The Prosecutor’s office considered that the dissemination of such information, access to which has any use of the Internet, and familiarization with its contents adversely affect the operation of corruption, undermine the government and create in society the preconditions for committing corruption crimes.

The court agreed with the arguments of the prosecution. The decision was handed down on October 20, specified on the website of the Krasnoyarsk regional Prosecutor’s office.

In October 2015, the Tomsk regional court on the claim of the Prosecutor’s office Krivosheenko district recognized prohibited information about methods of bribery and kickbacks, posted on two Internet sites. The name of the sites was not specified, but access should have been blocked by Roskomnadzor.

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