The details of the night of the shooting in Moscow: the killer, before leaving, had damaged his car

Details night of shooting men (the identity of the deceased is not yet established) in the Yasenevo district of Moscow became known to “MK”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Involuntary witness was the driver of a taxi — man took a little pit stop to visit a friend, and half an hour later when I was getting ready to go to work, was found near his car dead.

As it became known “MK”, the taxi driver parked his car near the house 11 at the Lithuanian Boulevard in 1.53. The man drew attention to the SUV dark green (he was in front), which was parked crooked. The people in the car the taxi driver could not see, the engine was muted, and the lights were not working. However, according to field investigators, in this car lurking killer.

Again the man went outside at 2: 30. “Land Rover” in place was gone. However, near the black tightly toned BMW 5th model he saw lying unconscious person. First, the taxi driver thought that the accident occurred. But the arrived doctors found on the body with numerous bullet wounds.

Apparently, the victim (he looks about 30 years old) parked BMW, got out of the car and at that moment he was shot (on the rear left door of an SUV with numerous bullet holes). By the way, the car is registered to another person born in 1970 When a victim had no passport, no driver’s license, and he was dressed in a leather jacket and pants.

Hiding, the killer touched the car the taxi driver (the car has a broken headlight, bent fender and bumper). The killer car also received damage — investigators searching for SUV with a broken taillight and issued a badge “land Rover”.

Thrown a Kalashnikov, the police found 100 meters from the scene.

The weapon was without a muffler. It is unclear why none of the occupants of the house in the stillness of the night did not hear automatic fire.

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