The European Parliament called for the suspension of negotiations on Turkey’s membership in the EU

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The European Parliament approved a resolution calling for the freezing of accession negotiations with Turkey

The European Parliament voted unanimously for a resolution urging the European Commission and the governments of country-members of the European Union to suspend negotiations with Turkey on its accession to the EU, reports Reuters.

Its the decision of the European legislators explained the “disproportionate” reactions of Ankara’s failed attempt of a military coup.

The resolution is Advisory in nature and is addressed to the European Commission and the governments of EU countries.

Earlier, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed dissatisfaction with the pace of negotiations on Turkey’s accession to the EU.

On Sunday, Erdogan once again criticized the EU. He stated that he had discussed with the presidents of Russia and Kazakhstan with the possibility of joining the Shanghai cooperation organization. “Turkey should feel comfortable, be it the EU or not”, — said Erdogan, suggesting that Turkey’s membership of the countries in the SCO will provide his country with more freedom of action.

In October about the availability of alternatives to EU membership, said Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim. He lamented the fact that Turkey was working half a century on joining the European Union and “made in this way even more than I should”.

Turkey and the European Union signed an Association agreement in 1963. The accession negotiations with the EU began in 2005.

In July, Turkey’s attempted coup, which Erdogan managed to suppress. After the coup were arrested thousands of people, closed down the media and universities during the state of emergency, restricted rights and freedoms. European leaders criticized the Turkish authorities for excessive measures taken against political opponents of Erdogan.

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