The first session on the case of “Kirovles” will be held December 5

The criminal case against Alexei Navalny and Pyotr Ofitserov, accused of embezzlement of funds of “Kirovles”, scheduled for December 5. About this on its website said the Bulk.

According to him, the meeting will begin at 09:00 Moscow time in Leninsk district court of a city of Kirov.

The crux of the matter of “Kirovles”?

In mid-November, the Presidium of the Russian Supreme court overturned the verdict in the case of “Kirovles” after the ECHR ruled on the violation of the rights of defendants to a fair trial.

Case in connection with newly discovered circumstances was transferred for reconsideration in the Leninsky court of Kirov.

In 2013, a Kirov court found Alexei Navalny guilty of embezzlement in the company “Kirovles” and sentenced him to five years imprisonment. Later, real punishment, the court replaced the suspended sentence and a fine of half a million rubles.

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