The media learned about the withdrawal of the fugitive official cars and alcohol

According to the decision of the High court of London, the executors seized all the property of the former head of the NGO “Cosmos” Andrei Chernyakov, including bottles of vodka and a game console

According to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the High court of England and Wales granted the petition of the Bank of Moscow, which demanded that czerniakow compensation (as guarantor) for loans for the completion of the Alabyano-Baltic tunnel in the capital. Wanted businessman must repay the Bank 195 thousand pounds, and to reimburse legal costs amounting to more than 420 thousand pounds.

According to the newspaper, 22 November the bailiff along with representing the Bank of Moscow lawyers arrived at Chernyakov rented a Villa in the suburbs of London. He managed to enter the territory and to seize vehicles parked in the garage: Rolls-Royce and a motorcycle.

Since that visit, Chernyakov resisted, the bailiff received court permission to use physical force. During the follow-up visit, the former head of the NGO “Cosmos” subject to the requirements of the authorities and left the house.

As a result, a Russian citizen seized a Mercedes Viano, a few TVs, appliances, office equipment, luxury goods, jewelry, sports equipment, four laptop, camera, wine bottle, whisky, vodka, cognac, Armagnac 1985, ski boots, helmet, dishes and Xbox One.

In addition, the money deducted from the account Chernyakova in the investment company Altus Investment Management. Under arrest was £2 million.

Lawyers of the former head of the NGO “Cosmos” pointed out that after the judgment from Chernyakova had no means of livelihood and appealed against it.

According to the newspaper, the Russian lawyers Chernyakova was not aware of the seizure of his property in the UK. However, they indicated that all court decisions not in favor of their client, will be appealed

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