The Ministry of justice intends to reconsider the ban to withdraw a single housing debtors

The Ministry of justice intends to reconsider the ban on the removal of a single housing debtors, and has already developed the corresponding bill, according to Interfax citing a source in the financial-economic bloc of the government.

Why can take shelter?

In particular, the authors of the idea offer to amend the code of Civil procedure. Now he provides that collecting on Executive documents could not be drawn to the only shelter of the debtor and his family. The only exception is property acquired in a mortgage.

Now the ban could be extended only on the property that does not exceed the legal norm of providing living space. According to the Housing code, this rule sets each region. In Moscow it is 18 square meters per person.

Changes to the legislation prepared to implement the decisions of the constitutional court dated 14 may 2012 regarding the verification of complaints of citizens concerning the rules on penalties in the Civil procedure code. An Agency source said that the bill also due to the implementation of the concept of state family policy in Russia for the period up to 2025 approved by the government last year.

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