The preliminary cause of death of rare falcons — stress from the abnormal rain

On Tuesday evening SK of Russia across Moscow region opened a criminal case into the death of 12 red falcons, which the Agency had seized from the owner, in flagrant violation of the law.

Photo: Evgeny Semenov

Now, however, guilty of trying to put the staff of the Centre keeping of wild animals, Department of natural resources of Moscow. Supposedly they are unable to provide the rare Pets need care.

Managing Director of the Center Arvydas Jablonskis told “MK” about what is happening in the institution after the controversial news about the criminal case.

We are just in shock from what has befallen us, – says Arvydas. – All the news have shown, if we destroyed the falcons. Do you really think that we specifically did something to that dead bird?

The members are just people who take care of animals, we do everything to make them feel comfortable.

According to the story Manager, Grigory Sokolov and Pavlenko were delivered in cartons, in August. Arvydas was personally involved in their reception. For new guests highlighted cells intended for birds of prey. They are in the forest, surrounded by trees. Moreover, for the new rare birds of the previous inhabitants of the enclosures had to move to other “apartments”. Before settling employees Bessarabia soil.

The first two Falcon – podbroshennye the Chicks died almost immediately – did not survive the stress of the road. Their owner is Gregory Pavlenko predicted that it would happen. He insisted that he did not pick up Chicks, because because of their age they simply will not stand for the sudden change of scenery.

Apparently, the dead little brothers of the Falcon, which Russian President Vladimir Putin gave to the Emir of Qatar. What was the need for the authorities to urgently transport the young Sokolov in the center of the overexposure? And why they agreed to take the birds home, ringed with all accompanying documents, and, therefore, illegally seized?

– Understand that we do not have the right to refuse animals that we receive, – says Arvydas. Center refers to the Department of natural resources Moscow, was brought to us, we must accept. Can’t say, “No, sorry, I refuse.”

The other ten falcons, according to the Manager, could not endure natural disasters that struck the Dmitrovsky district in mid-November (that is where the center of overexposure). The area really was introduced emergency mode because of freezing rain and heavy snowfall – because of revelry of elements is out of line, there was a massive power outage.

– It was the worst thing that ever happened to our center: trees fell, as knocked down, – says Arvydas. – Forest and is now in terrible condition. The light is gone, it could not recover, for us it was a real test. The falcons also experienced a lot of stress, their cells are just in the woods, they are huge, we can’t move. The weaker ones did not survive. They refused to eat, had lost weight. We were unable to save them. When the birds died, we immediately recorded it, we have all the documents. The autopsy, which was conducted in a local laboratory showed that no disease they have, everything is clean. And today they were sent to another lab in Moscow, for further verification.

The employees claim that the rest of the falcons feel normal, they have a great appetite and no health threats. They are fed with chickens and quail, which is grown here.

If the version of causes of bird deaths are confirmed, a criminal case against employees who in theory should be closed: freezing rain is a force majeure event. But the actions of the employees of the RCDS continue to cause only confusion and questions. By the way, on Wednesday the reporter “MK” has reached a preliminary agreement with the Center staff to visit the host falcons and journalists to investigate the living conditions of the birds. Staff also promised to provide the vet the bodies for their examination. Subsequently, however, the Centre’s management was forced to deny us the admission under pressure of the investigators of the TFR. On Thursday in the Centre must be carried out investigative actions on the territory of the already working employees SKR and FSB.

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