The U.S. Navy reported the theft by hackers of data 130 thousand sailors

Sailors of the U.S. Navy

Photo: Reuters/Pixstream

The official publication of the U.S. Navy the Navy Times reported the theft by hackers of personal data 130 thousand sailors

According to the publication, in October serving the naval forces of the U.S. company Hewlett Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services reported that an unknown person hacked your computer and stole data on 134386 current and former sailors. Attempts to ascertain the initiators of hacking yet were not successful.

Vice-Admiral Robert Burke confirmed the fact of burglary and indicated that the U.S. Navy seriously relate to the incident. “It’s a matter of trust of our sailors,” said he. According to Burke, the challenge now is to ensure the safety of people, the victim of a hacker attack.

This is not the first case of hacking the internal network of the US Navy. In 2013, the military has declared that access to the data received Iran. The WSJ then pointed out that the reason was the uncoordinated actions of the customer of Hewlett Packard, did not ensure the safety of information.

In June 2014 it was found that the data on 18 million civilian employees of the United States received hackers from China. The investigation revealed that for years had access to databases.

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