Tie — not a sausage — it is possible? What to give for the New year

What to give for the New year? — if you have not puzzled by this question, you have everything ahead. This Cup does not avoid one party because all of us have relatives, co-workers, business partners, etc. it is Especially difficult to choose presents for strangers and colleagues. How to perform this difficult task and to comply with the rules of etiquette Aify learned from the teacher-consultant on etiquette and business Protocol of Tatiana Nikolayeva.

Natalia Kozhina, Aiphe: Tatiana, money today is perhaps the most popular gift, can I give them for the New year?

Tatiana Nikolaeva: I don’t want to upset you, but to give money only to very close people, or if you know that the person needs financial support. In other cases, such a gift is humbling and demonstrates that you’re slightly trying to please, just decided to go the easy way, so how could you not like money continue to be indecent show.

— But if the man himself voiced the decision that for him money is the best gift, well to go on about him?

The man who voices such things, he is behaving indecently. Of course, we are not responsible for someone else’s behavior and upbringing, so you can do as he wants, and still look decent.

But I want to draw your attention to some important details. Always give money in the envelope, it is desirable that the bills were new and large (no 5 thousand for a hundred rubles!). And most importantly — the donor should not get them a fan and to show others with a proud expression. And the person who accepts such a gift, can only look into the envelope and to thank you.

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— What gifts not to give on the New year?

— To answer this question, I have divided all business partners and your private friends. And in these two categories would single out those whom you know well and strangers.

For business partners with whom you had only a working relationship, perfect gifts associated with the case. If you have friendship, you can give yourself more freedom in the choice of a present.

Category of unfamiliar people not to give things of an intimate nature: garments, underwear. Remember, you have no right to go into someone else’s closet! Even a tie is considered an intimate thing. It is not necessary it is a mistake to regard it as a business accessory. Alternatively, you can choose leather goods: belts, gloves, portfolios. But here too there are some difficulties: for example, to buy gloves and belt need to know the size. As for the portfolio, the option of classic, smooth leather — universal. But I would refrain from such purchases, when it comes to business lady.

Why not, decided to give towels?

In this case, what other universal gifts you can choose unfamiliar people?

— Flowers, chocolates for women. Alcohol — for men, even when the one who receives gift doesn’t drink. By the way, if you fall into this category, take the gift with gratitude, not need to shout that you do not carry alcohol.

— A lady appropriate to give alcohol?

— Quite, but weak: champagne, wine, liqueur. In this price category these drinks must be from average and above.

— In anticipation of the holiday at work employees often give each other shower gels, soap, things like that appropriate?

— Hygiene items to give in any case is impossible, they can be seen as an allusion to the lack of cleanliness. Such things are only appropriate when it comes to your loved ones. In this case, consider the real wishes of the people, because all shower gels, shampoos — scented, they are not everyone is fit. Overall, it’s not the best gift. After all the time when it was difficult to get fragrant soap or something like that, long gone.

— Is it possible to give gifts made with your own hands?

— When we are talking about children, such things are acceptable. In other cases, to give something made with your own hands, only when you really are an expert in some thing: it tied the whole family, so why not associate cousin, cousin a sweater or socks? But when you’re just starting to learn some crafts and trembling inexperienced hands glued seashells to the frame — a masterpiece best left to their own use. It is clear that you want to save money or to show off their skills, but need to be proud of what has already turned into a skill.

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— When we come in family or a large company, is it possible to give a single gift, for example, a bottle of champagne and cake?

— Of course, you can do quite well with a bottle of champagne and maybe a box of champagne if you plan to sit for a long time. As a complement you can give chocolate to children, fruit and cake for the ladies. But, please, do not bring such things for show. The same cake has to look decent and not to give the impression that it grabbed in a hurry at the checkout. Children can give some detail, for example, caps of Santa Claus. As long as your modest gift was safe, did not produce a lot of noise, and all edible things must pass parental customs. In General, to give the New year something expensive is not necessary. It is possible — please. No — will buy some high quality towels, or an apron with Christmas symbols — mistress. A wonderful gift — a set of Christmas toys.

— And if we’re in unfamiliar company, whether it is possible to bring edible gifts?

It is possible, but it should be done carefully, because the etiquette says: everything edible that brought guests — must be submitted. If you don’t know what to cook, the hostess, what menu she lined up for guests, your young pig can be. In this regard, I would not recommend to go from edible to unfamiliar people. Similar recommendations for alcohol. If you want to bring alcoholic drinks, they must be universal and suitable for any dish, for example, vodka, or cognac, which is generally not a snack. The wine in this situation may render you bad service.

I also want to draw your attention to the situation when you want to give all the guests some modest, edible gifts, for example, a packet of tea. In this case, it is necessary to emphasize the donation that the gift you present person, and not on a table.

— Tatiana, what products it is better not to give? I think the tea looks very dignified, and a stick of sausage — is doubtful.

— Depending on how you take care of everything. Why not give a loaf of sausage, if it will be packaged in a themed basket authentic products of some countries, such as Hungary? In this case, you can collect your gift from the Hungarian salami and marzipan, a bottle of Tokaji. If you wish you could buy in our stores.

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— When to give gifts: when you enter, or after midnight?

Again, gifts for New year — optional, your right to give something or not. But, if you responsibly on this issue, to give better gifts at the entrance. Run them after midnight — not very convenient. Besides, it may be that someone of the guests or the owners themselves had not attended to the purchase of gifts. And you just put everyone else in an awkward position.

— And if you ended up in an awkward situation when you gave a gift, and you haven’t, then do I need to give a return gift?

— Of course, the gifts require a response token. But to give up everything with the words “wait for me here, I’ll be”, and escape into the neighboring stall, hoping to buy something unforgivably stupid. Anything decent in a hurry you will not get, so wait for the next opportunity (meeting) or festival and gave a return gift. In this case, you can jokingly say that the previous occasion you have prepared is bad, but this tried.

But in General, if you do not want to receive gifts, knowing that you all desire are unlikely to guess and to please, or just “not afford” financially, and to wrestle with what to do then all this stuff you are ready — ask them to come without gifts. This can be formulated as follows: we kindly request no gifts to bring. Guests should treat your request with understanding.

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