Use supplements with vitamin D doubtful

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Vitamin D is produced in skin exposed to sunlight. Autumn and winter when cloudy days becomes more, doctors are advised to regularly take supplements with the content of this vitamin, as it is important for mineral metabolism in the bones and muscles. If the body of this vitamin is not enough — can develop such a pathological condition, like rickets or osteoporosis.

Scientists from the University of Auckland (University of Auckland, New Zealand) and the University of Aberdeen (University of Aberdeen, Scotland) reviewed the available clinical studies which used supplementation with vitamin D. In progress research group led by associate Professor mark Bolland (Mark Bolland) found no evidence that supplements really work. According to experts, the use of vitamin D as a Supplement to the diet did not give any positive effect for the bones and muscles of research participants. Regardless, used whether people vitamin supplements or not, the difference in the number of fractures and other cases of destruction of the bone was not.

Associate Professor Bolland and his colleagues on the results of work published an article in the scientific journal the BMJ, which indicated that supplementation with vitamin D may be useful only to people from risk groups — those with in the body we are witnessing a serious drawback. The others noted by scholars, is sufficient, even in cold and gloomy time of year to diet and try often to go outside on Sunny days. The publication caused a controversy in the scientific community — some experts opposed the views of its authors, indicating that recommendations for admission are based on scientific evidence, others identified the lack of vitamin D pseudosolenia.

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