Barber shop workers threatened with explosion for the closure of illegal Parking

The reason for criminal scandal has become a common flowerbed in the Basmanny district of the capital. The conflict that erupted because of the flower arrangement, nearly ended in undermining the hair salon!

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As it became known “MK”, single-stage bed height of about 60 cm were installed next to five-story apartment house on the street of Novoryazansky, directly under the Windows of the barbershop. An employee of the Barber shop in the summer planted a bed of flowers, and in winter, decided to use for their own purposes — as a means of struggle against a wrong Parking. The owners of this and the neighboring houses parked their iron horses right under the Windows consumer service companies, and sometimes even blocked by machines entrance to the hairdresser. And the employee decided to help themselves. Young women, hairdresser and master nail manicure (by the way, sisters) managed to move the bed at 15 cm below the window of the Barber shop, hoping thus to deprive motorists of the opportunity to break the rules of Parking. But a cunning solution had in mind is not all. On 24 November at about 18.00 to the door of the Barber shop, a woman came up, accompanied by three men in workers uniforms. According to the workers the Barber shop, the lady was presented by the superintendent, began to shout that the flowerbed needs to return to the place, and even got into a fight. To separate the women ran the client institution. After that, the stranger commanded men to load a bed in a wheelbarrow and move it to the yard on the footpath. After some time, the door of the Barber shop returned one of the men in the robe and began to shout that he’d bricked up entrance to the Barber and undermine them. Then the brawler is gone, and the frightened woman called the police.

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