British expert in the Litvinenko case before the death of the said error

25 Nov newspaper the Times announced sensational news: at his home in the UK was found dead a British expert of the research center for nuclear energy 46-year-old Matthew Puncher. It was he 10 years ago when investigating the murder of a defector from the FSB Litvinenko had estimated the amount of polonium-210 in the body of the last, after which the death Litvinenko accused Russian secret services, although evidence was found. Now the situation gets even more: in recent years, said the widow of a Puncher, husband persistently talked about by his or her mistakes. And his suicide, though, like, and confirmed by a pathologist, to put it mildly, raises questions.


By and large, the mystery of Litvinenko’s death was not disclosed. A British court, based on mere assumptions and not presenting any supporting fact, accused the Russian special services. Russia equally strongly denied the allegations. And now, with the death of Matthew Puncher, this already complicated case acquires new mysteries. The main of them — the cause of death of a British expert on polonium.

According to the official version, spread by the British media, citing a pathologist who examined the body Puncher, he committed suicide. However, according to others, the body of 46 year-old man has numerous wounds, though inflicted by two different knives. And this in the version of suicide is stacked with work.

If we add to this that the widow of a Puncher Catherine reported that the last time he was repeatedly talking about some kind of error allegedly committed during his studies, the situation with the death of an expert looks at all ambiguous.

However, no ambiguity there is no assured “MK” the General-the major of FSB in resignation Alexander Mikhailov:

– If we ignore the household, the criminal version, initially, the death of Litvinenko was connected not with Russian and British secret services. And now they are absolutely not interested in dealing with the matter expert alerted the world that 10 years ago he made a wrong conclusion, and in fact, everything looks quite different. So with this, the second, death a puzzle has developed fully and clearly: the people who then committed the murder of Litvinenko, has now committed murder and that person.

According to experts, he from the very beginning it was clear that the murder of Litvinenko was involved in the “other side”:

– I with Litvinenko experienced personally and know that it was a complete moron. We were together during the operation in the village of Pervomaisky. His task was to participate in the protection of the perimeter. But he is not so much guarding him, how many created problems. So over time, he became worse than a bitter radish like Berezovsky and British intelligence services. To know he really knew nothing, and the only thing that was able to write stories for special services. And those soon ceased to understand for what they pay him money. So it all came together in one point, and killed him. Well, Berezovsky and British intelligence agencies, understandably, have been actively looking for them in this extremely profitable death “Russian trace”.

– Now,- he said, – the people who carried out the murder of Litvinenko, are not interested in the repentance of the expert, since it represents a threat for the version of the recognition of Russia as the culprit of the murder of Litvinenko. They also committed a new murder: the information that the wounds on his body Puncher was dealt not one, but two different blades clearly indicates that it was murder, cynically disguised as a suicide.

Recall that Alexander Litvinenko, who fled Russia and began to work for British intelligence MI-6, as well as closely communicate with fugitive Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky, died exactly 10 years ago in one of the hospitals of London. The cause of his death was poisoning with radioactive polonium-210, which, according to the British court, he slipped in a joint tea party former colleagues, who came from Russia – Andrei Lugovoi and Dmitry Kovtun.

In turn, meadow (now he is the Deputy of the State Duma from the LDPR faction) flatly denied the charges in his address for the prosecution. However, in order to review it, unfortunately, was unavailable.

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