“Carlsen beat Karjakin in the 10th game of the match for the chess crown and equalized

– The current world chess champion Norwegian Magnus Carlsen defeated the Challenger for the title with Russian Sergey Karjakin in the seventh game of the match for the world chess crown in new York.

75 th move of the game playing in it with the black pieces Karjakin admitted defeat. The duration of the party was approximately 6 and a half hours.

Now the score is equal – 5:5. The first seven games ended in a draw, eighth Karjakin won in the ninth rivals again agreed to a draw.

The next party will be held on Saturday, Karjakin will play with white pieces.

The entire match consists of 12 games with classical time control. If according to their results in equality, the participants of the match will hold the tie-break.

For 26-year-old Adams, who was born in Simferopol, this is the first match for the world chess crown. Carlsen is the reigning champion. Last year he beat Indian Viswanathan Anand.

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