Carlsen beat Karjakin in the tenth game and tied the score

Russian Sergey Karjakin and Norway’s Magnus Carlsen during a match for the title of world chess champion

Photo: Seth Wenig/AP

The tenth party of a match for the title of world chess champion ended with the victory of Magnus Carlsen over Russian Sergey Karjakin. The victory allowed Carlsen to equalise

Russian Sergey Karjakin lost to Norwegian Magnus Carlsen in the tenth game of the match for the title of world chess champion in new York. 75-m during the game Karjakin admitted defeat.

This victory allowed Carlsen to level the score — 5:5

Karjakin won the first victory in this match and went ahead in the eighth instalment, then Carlsen admitted defeat on the 53rd move. The previous seven games of this match ended in a draw, after his victory Karjakin took the lead — 4,5:3,5.

All the players will play among themselves 12 games with a time control 100 minutes for 40 moves, then 50 minutes for 20 moves and 15 minutes before end of party with addition of 30 seconds per move starting from the first. If after 12 games there is a draw, Carlsen and Karjakin will play a tie-break, which will be held on November 30.

Carlsen became the world champion in 2013, winning the championship match against Indian Viswanathan Anand. A year later, the Norwegian and the Indian once again played a match for the world title, and victory again went to Norway.

Karyakin in March 2016 won the candidates tournament, one point ahead of American Fabiano Caruana. For the Russian match for the champion title first in the career.

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