Coach Evgeny Trefilov: “in Time forehead cracked”

“AiF” was going to talk to charismatic Trefilov on the bubbles with validol, girlish tears, men… but it turned out more about American superstah and life, which resembles a wedding on a farm.

Victoria Khesin, “AIF”: “Validol – General sponsor of the women handball team of Russia”, – joked about your game at the Olympics. Admit it, Yevgeny Vasilyevich, do something often after matches it swallow?

Evgeny Trefilov: yeah, I remember, calls me in Rio, a good friend and with materkom: “Trefil! Good! No vodka or validol you will not save enough!” Like, enough with their own matches to scoff at people (laughs). And for me it is the best sedative is a dream. How good sleep, ready to curtail mountains. But lately something doesn’t work out in my head scrapes different. It’s bad. Without sleep I’m weak, failures start in the program.


Evgeny Trefilov
Born in 1955 on the Treeless farm (Krasnodar Krai). 1984 – on coaching. Under his leadership, the Russian women’s team won the Olympics (2016) and four world Championships. Also coached the club “Kuban”.

One hundred grams

– For women, it turns out that sleep and rest are losing. Men are easier to train, perhaps?

And here and there its charms. With men like? Told him to jump – he jumps. Before going to the site to look in the mirror – never! The woman on the game going, as the reception – that sits on it that hangs. She has no bedside tables can not live. Her you just have to stand bedside table, and on it these things cosmetic. The woman everywhere need the nest to twist. The man came, socks was taken in a corner of their set, the morning took them out, put on and went. But I will tell you if the woman your heart has become attached, it is serious. She is ready to make any sacrifice, to give everything, if only it was good. A man – he’s different, lighter. No, of course, and among us are the good ones. This I now the finger: shows (laughs). But I worked for more than 30 years, seen a lot and even the transition from club to club. If a woman trusts you, she even posoli large profits – most likely, anywhere you go. And a man may fall for it. Although, to be honest, then everything changes a bit. Here the girls, who hail from the 90’s, they are different than the ones from the 70’s, 80’s.

– Other what?

– Thoughtful. Or more confident. But for me, job loss is a tragedy, and there imperceptibly. So step by step do not want. They quickly change everything. In General, vrastopyrku live. No, not all, of course. There are guys thoughtful, serious, and there are those whom I call “walk, flaw, the ruble and higher.” They have no idea what. And, on the other hand, where did it come from? In those years, when brought up, it did not smell. Oktyabryata, the pioneers did not pass. I think they lost something in this regard. In General, I would like to see they listened to their teachers a little bit, and not just saying that we’re old, boring and nasty. Although, if you look, we also slightly older listened. We were the same. We just went a little farther.

Russian miracle. Russian national team on handball has won Olympic gold

– You said that you stopped trying to control the personal lives of players. Not controlled anymore?

– Yes not in this case. They do I have this sports closed sitting behind the fence. While others fall in love, these training run. And there was the first piece of free time – it is this piece used, and the school of life-no. And trouble, spots.

Before constantly interfered, tried to direct, to help. Somewhere I got the point, and someone, maybe life is ruined. And over the years has pouspokoilsya in this regard, decided – will understand. But still trying to get near my girls didn’t have any non-working guys who are about their necks set down.

And the Internet is to attack. “I – said – posted in Instagram”. I joke: “one Hundred grams! Sitting there in her one hundred grams, in sweaters”. Corrected: “On Twitter”. Kidding, of course, over them. But girls, come on! Why are you in this online exhibit life, especially relationships. What is between a man and a woman, do not close, do not let anyone go. It’s then unclear which side will come out. Well, it’s killing me. Even some embarrassing things to read. Start like, then I think – Oh, I better not.

– Women’s tears have learned not to pay attention for 30 years? Can they still terminate you?

– Well… Sometimes me it sounds a little angry. Because women cry almost constantly. Eyes reddened, her lips trembled and begins: “Everything-e-e-e!” The cry “all out!” – is necessary. “Everything! I’m leaving! And you go on…” And ran. Well, I think you better run. The next day, “Bryk” she goes, comes back, and starts a normal conversation. But to my age touched the tears… God knows, maybe someone will be able to move. For example, flipping through a magazine and there Jigarkhanyan with a young wife. Well managed she to move! (Laughs.) No, I in no case do not blame. As they say, love is evil, love and…

Coach Evgeny Trefilov: the main thing – to reach the hearts of women

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A concrete wall can’t stop

Volleyball coach Vladimir Alekno said that athletes – they are a little crazy. Like, a normal person would not a week to walk to whiff t-shirt, removing it only because supposedly winning.

– Signs -is required. I’m always the black cats party bypass. And most importantly, never helps. Ever since childhood I remember: it will pass them all, but still houses a full spanking. (Laughs). But in General the rights of Volodya. Absolutely correct, a normal person would not be able to achieve something big. The craziness kind of has to be. That even view, our Professor is a very clever, hats off to them. But also not a little guys.

Is it true that Alekno along with Lebsack (trainer of boxers) before the Olympic games pushed you to the Church for blessing?

– How was… I mean, I have a bit of attitude to the Church. That is, of course, everyone needs something to believe in. Is there something above us, stronger than us. But when people are taught atheism in College, now with candles in the temples are?! It confuses me. Famously once all dressed up, repainted, changed gait, depending on the circumstances. Today don’t pray, pray tomorrow.

In General, I Church rituals not know. And then seeing the team. I’m shy, wanted in the Cathedral behind a pillar to stand quietly. But, these two fellows pulled me out and got in the queue to approach to the Patriarch. And there turned out funny. I hand it bent, and I think to myself: let me look at father Cyril. Lifted his head… and got it with a mallet directly on the forehead (the brush for sprinkling Holy water. – Ed.). The sound of a deaf-deaf was. And he said, “what are you doing, my son?” (Laughs.) Well, God give him health goes, time cracked. So if it helps, next time you go and the rest of the head substitute for the mallet! (Laughs.)

Although seriously, who knows what actually helps. Not got to the bottom yet to the truth. That’s what is the formula for success? Now Bach – and all the stars aligned and everything came at the right point. And can plow-plow, but no – nothing. For example, I have and Beijing (2008) and Athens (2004) team on the order was better than it is now in Rio, and not have been at that point.

I think it’s a common story: there, where everything was in our hands, took and screwed up. But when all was against it, clenched his teeth and made.

– I know one thing: when we kiss, there are some other forces inside. The sea knee-deep. No, of course, and among foreigners there is a violent head, but diverge when the Russians are their concrete wall can’t stop. And all the screaming shit in our direction on a daily basis at the Olympics affected us much. I even called the farmer – and I do farm, but to survive as something not wanted. In childhood, when the nose received, they laid low and waited for the moment to punch back in full.

“We’re girls!”. Why Russian national team on handball is cool

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– Could you imagine what it’s come to this? Denunciations Rodchenkova, suspension of athletes, the Paralympians, the reports of the McLaren…

– And then imagine not imagine not will be restrained from us. Batter will be up to the football world Cup (2018). If not drugs then something else will come up. The British still can’t forgive that we have the football taken away (England was also applied for the championship. – Ed.). Then they howled that Russia gave it away! Or the mayor of London, who became foreign Minister, there’s some conic throws. Well, they do not like Russia. From trump to wait is unclear. But at least not Klintonsha. What’s the matter with her will be bad, became clear when Belle remembered how poor trump 20 years ago, girls groped. Wait, if you really remember the beginning… So close in fact you do the main supersic goes. (Laughs.) Absurd, of course, that’s all.

– All Right, America. Ukrainian politicians will listen – there’s still not that absurd…

– Then the episode was. To my brother’s friend came from Ukraine, I said to him: “Take the tracksuit, I got plenty, just on your belly”. He told me: “Evgeny Vassilich, there have “Russia” written on the back?” “Yes,” I said. And he said: “we can shoot”. This is how we are to such stupidity and stupidity came?! I really want to believe that it will take. What happens at weddings that were walking on our farm: first kiss, then moonshine gets drunk, then the groom drove, pomolodet each other and then kiss again.

Just some friends that Ukraine wanted to steer the process, a little bit not catching up, how it would end. Think what you are doing! Land all the same crude… The worst thing that can ever happen is a war between their. As in the family of my grandmother. Came white and one brother slapped directly in the garden in the corn, and then came the red and slapped the other. This is a tragedy! And the easiest way to it is a national issue. So the easiest way to divide people. This Jew called, and that the crest and rushed. You know, me in the childhood teased, “Katsap, ass DAC”. Katsap, because the father from Penza. And it’s a shame it was. And fighting over nicknames. So in childhood. And when now begin to roll out a national moment… I have all these Krutilnikov rounded up to one remote island. Near Sakhalin anything?

Politics, politics… You know that voice it those at the top, and then there are ordinary people. There, on the 8th floor is a window lit, 2 lit. People – they are there. And they might think differently.

– I think, but silent.

– You know, I thought we had this long period – the Civil war, the 37th year of the Great Patriotic war – then drove a lot of people who could insert your “I”. The better half of mankind, which could climb on the podium, we lost them. Officers who did not allow himself to hurt that was boiling, when the injustice first Gib. Were those who could adapt. And I may say rude, but from a non-pedigreed dogs bull Terrier will not work. Here we would such a little opportunist is. I to myself too. I better step aside. To prove his, to climb? I’m not a thoroughbred watchdog in these matters appeared. Here he tried to prove something after the London Olympics woke up already in Mordovia (Trefilov then fired from his post as national team coach. – Ed.). It’s a shame it was.

But still, I think we’ll fix this. Will improve our nation little by little. Don’t know if I explain clear…

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Rope soap will not

– Evgeny Vasilievich, frankly, no desire to send the handball away and sleep as much as you want?

Not just at the moment. And in General it felt this year when the games came one after one and each had to be pulled. I played a match, I thought: well, a break. And no, it did not. Again to drag… And I have no handball? You know, even when I drove, I still spied on them through the keyhole.

And I remember well our bosses, Directors, etc. – as soon as they were excommunicated from work, they immediately died. Work – it motivates, mobilizes. Here my husband is retired. I said to her: “Throw the hell out their work, the salary’s funny”. And she said, “what do You want me to from old?! Though I am at work but will dress. The house in the Bathrobe do not want to go”. And I said, “So you train every evening on the couch and let your series to watch. Times watch the show, then, old age has arrived.” She was offended. (Laughs.)

– All kidding, Evgeny Vasilievich.

– And remember, Khazanov was humoresque: “the Wife doesn’t like at work don’t respect the son grows a club a club… And sat I thought well, to hell with him!” If no humor to our life to treat, it is easier from rope to soap. Therefore, we remain optimistic and are looking for ways to cope. Before, when I was younger, there were more. Now a little less. But I hope they have still have…

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