Diets that kill. Any dietary restrictions should be avoided?

Diets today are nothing new. Almost all lose weight for different reasons. While few consider what a radical change in diet can seriously undermine the health and even lead to death. About what diets should be avoided at Aephi.

Calories below the level

One of the popular options today weight loss are a low calorie diet. It seems that enough to go on most lightweight food options to give up those foods that contain fats and carbohydrates, and the body will immediately begin to change for the better. Usually, these diets involve the reduction of calories consumed per day to 1000, which in fact is an extremely low figure. Followers of this variant of weight loss believe that in this case, the body will consume energy which he had accumulated in body fat. Thus should start the process of weight loss. And for the first time, the results do appear. But then the body adapts to the new conditions, restructuring, and the effect is quite the opposite.

The ABC of a beautiful figure. Why we add in weight

Calories are energy that the body requires for its normal functioning. The average person per day requires 2,000-2,500 calories. And if drastically reduce their number, then it is likely that the body will fall into a state of shock and will switch to the power saving mode. It looks like this. When not enough calories from food, the body aktiviziruyutsya the hormone leptin, which is responsible for metabolism. Output it depends on the amount of adipose tissue present in the body. By reducing the number of calories the body thinks that there came a time of famine and begins to actively increase the volume of adipose tissue, from where you will be able to take a backup energy reserves. These stored fat by slowing down its metabolism, which also occurs on the background of the power saving mode of the body. In the body at this time slows down the breakdown of fat, impair the synthesis of muscle fibers etc. the Processes of fat accumulation in reserve and will not end after the diet, resulting weight will be typed quickly, often much more than they were before.

Most dangerous in this kind of a diet the doctors is the shortage of minerals and vitamins, which causes the development of vitamin deficiency, manifesting in brittle nails and hair, their dull color, changing, mood, and anemia and other adverse conditions. Besides, you should understand that weight fluctuations here and there cause the development of cardiovascular problems.

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One of a kind

Today is quite often practiced mono. While confusing them with unloading days. Latest last for a maximum of 3 days and harm the body not cause. If you practice the diet one product for a longer time, the negative reaction will not be slow to manifest. Because monovariant is unbalanced. In the body is not receiving all three necessary elements (fats, proteins and carbohydrates), and there is distortion in the direction of one. For example, when choosing a diet banana, oat or buckwheat, man deprives himself of the necessary to build muscle protein, while leaving some carbs.

In addition, these systems supply low-calorie, which leads to the accumulation of lack of vitamins and fats and the metabolic disorders. At the end of this version of weight loss the body, as in the first case, again quickly gain the lost. That was some tangible effect, it is necessary to combine a mono-diet with exercise, a different kind of activity and vitamin. Otherwise, it may result in the disease. You should also understand that particular foods in excess can have a negative impact on those or other organs. So, cheese is harmful for the kidneys, carrots — liver-chocolate to the endocrine system. Especially dangerous are the diet for people with chronic diseases.

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In the diet — protein component

Today the new-fangled diet based on eating just one protein, show very good results. The person loses weight before our eyes, while feeds is quite diverse and interesting. However, few people think, when choosing such a power supply system that it is fraught with consequences.

First and foremost, excessive protein intake affects a person’s kidneys. So the battery makes them work literally wear. A large amount of protein causes acidification of urine and increased excretion of salts. This leads to the formation of stones, which then move along the ureter, can lead to serious health problems. Also on the background of excess protein may develop a pathological change in the process of transporting all the nutrients that are required for the functioning of the kidneys. And stones can be formed even at normal power.

Another problem with this kind of diet is to increase the level of cholesterol in the blood. This raises the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and stroke. According to scientists, the probability becomes higher at 28%. And increase cholesterol in the blood causes formation of stones in the gallbladder.

Negatively impact protein diets and bowel movements. Due to the lack of fiber starts to fail, food is poorly digested, can worsen hemorrhoids. With the development of the situation in humans, decreased appetite, appear bad breath and nausea. In addition, on the background withstand this kind of power supply system noted that dehydration becomes an additional stress to the body and leads to hormonal imbalance.

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