Earned Bank of stem cells isolated from deciduous teeth

Photo: bbc.com

In one of the Scottish laboratory, scientists began to harvest stem cells from children’s teeth. In the future, the cells will freeze and they will be kept for a long time. They will defrost in that case, if the baby needs treatment. The project for the collection and storage of cells is implemented by an American company BioEden.

The head of the company Tony Veverka (Tony Veverka) says that they were the first who organized a Bank of stem cells isolated from deciduous teeth. Now BioEden more than 20 thousand customers in 60 countries. Storage of cells costs about $ 16 per month.

After the child drops the milk tooth, parents are encouraged to deliver it to the lab. There, the tooth is cleaned and isolated from it stem cells. Each of them contains only a small number of cells that can be cultured to increase their number to several million. After this, the cells are frozen for storage.

Primary teeth are mesenchymal cells that can give rise to cells from all other types of cartilage, bone, muscle or fat. More popular procedure is the collection of stem cells from umbilical cord blood, one can obtain different types of hematopoietic cells.

Now it is a lot of stem cell research, but only some of them will lead to the development of a new therapeutic method. Representatives BioEdenотмечают that they have already used some of the samples stored in the Bank, for the treatment of type 2 diabetes and treatment, “cleft palate”.

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