Expert: if we don’t act, to the end of the century climate change will destroy humanity

RAE Kwon Chung, a former chief adviser to the UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon on climate change. Now he continues to work at the UN and is part of the International award Committee of the prize “global energy”. He is also a member of the intergovernmental panel on climate change, previously awarded the Nobel peace prize. In an interview on the sidelines of the forum ENES 2016, a South Korean expert said MK as the problem of global warming is relevant today.

The topic of climate change today discussed very actively. To what extent the information disseminated about it reflects a real problem, and what is an exaggeration or a myth?

I’m working on this problem for a long time, and I am convinced that climate change is a fact. There are some scientists who claim that global warming is not happening or even that the Earth is waiting for global cooling, however, this opinion is shared by an absolute minority. Almost all the researchers around the world agree that global warming is actually observed.

– How dangerous the effects of global warming in the short and in the long term? For example, after 5 and 100 years.

Last year climate scientists issued a report that by the end of this century, by 2100, humanity will be difficult to survive if climate change will occur as rapidly as now. The average global temperature will rise so much that conditions on Earth will be the simply inappropriate for people. So in the long term we are facing very serious trials. As for the prospects of short-term, some changes can be observed already now: it’s frequent droughts, floods, typhoons and other natural disasters. Thus, global warming is becoming a big challenge now, but one day it will become a matter of our survival as a species.

– To what extent climate change lies on the conscience of man and not nature?

According to the intergovernmental panel on climate change, global warming is caused by human activity almost completely at about 95 percent.

– As far as “green energy” can change the situation?

The problem is that many States are still not interested in developing alternative energy because they are worried about the economic factor. Because of this, the transition to renewable sources of energy in the world flows not as fast as we would like. Today, however, countries are increasingly aware of the need for cooperation on this issue, and proof of this can serve as the Paris agreement of 2015. Thanks to him, governments could work together to develop a low-carbon future.

– What other steps, in addition to the transition to alternative sources of energy, people can take to change the situation?

– First steps should not make people in General, and governments and businesses – they all need to contribute. Ordinary citizens should just save energy and to support actions of States in the climate because without popular support for these steps is much more complicated.

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