Expert in radiation who worked on the Litvinenko case, has committed suicide

An expert on radiation, who was involved in the investigation of the death of Alexander Litvinenko, killed herself, reported the newspaper The Times today, 25 November.

The case of the second freshness. Guilty in Litvinenko death London appointed Russians

Employee of the British research center for nuclear energy Matthew Puncher (Puncher Matthew) was found dead in his home in may.

According to the newspaper, the expert committed suicide amid concern about the alleged admission of error in one study. This was reported by the wife Puncher Catherine. According to her, the last time the scientist was thinking about it, and his mood has drastically changed since a few months ago, he visited Russia. “It seems that he had become indifferent”, – said the wife of a scientific worker.

Puncher evaluated the amount of polonium contained in the body of Litvinenko, in the investigation of his death. He also worked with the US authorities, developing a program of measuring the level of polonium in the body of the former employees of Soviet enterprises producing nuclear weapons.

One of my colleagues Puncher said that the scientist had no reason to fear imprisonment because of the violation of the contract with the US authorities in connection with the error in the calculations which he made while writing the program.

A former Russian special services officer Alexander Litvinenko fled to Britain and died in 2006, shortly after receiving British citizenship. His health deteriorated after a meeting with the Russian businessman and MP Andrei Lugovoi and businessman Dmitry Kovtun, where Litvinenko drank tea. After his death, examination revealed his body a large number of radioactive polonium-210.

The main suspect was the meadow, but he denies any wrongdoing. In Moscow repeatedly declared that criminal case is politicized, and the investigation process is not transparent.

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