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After meeting with this newfound friend’s son told me:

You know, Camille was in Egypt. He was eating a shark, and he liked it.

I soon met the mother of Camille and of course, asked about the trip to Egypt. It turned out that on of the problem, they this summer will not chosen. Then the son I have not once told me something interesting “about Camille,” but always added, “Just don’t ask his mom.”

Kids lie: how parents react

In first grade they started music lessons.

— I really liked it, ‘ said the child, coming home after the first class. — The teacher played and I listened and forgot all about it. I heard the noise of the trees, the rustle of pages… And when the lesson ended, I walked over and kissed her.

It took three months before he finally confessed that he had come up with this touching story.

Then Vanya has a new neighbor on the Desk, one of those that divide the area exactly in half and no worse than the guards watching the inviolability of borders, not allowed to write off and are always ready to Snitch, if that. She really did not like him.

One day the son came home from school happy and says:

— Ira with me, no longer sitting, she was transferred to another school. I came in today, and it is not, and on the Desk is a note: “Translated in school № 325”.

Liar. What pushes children to lie?

After a while I asked the teacher and was surprised to learn that the girl continues to study in the same class. It turns out that the son is not worth anything to lie. How to treat this?

— You don’t scold, the teacher said, he probably just likes to fantasize. When he realizes that all the secret becomes clear, will cease to speak the truth.

Indeed, after the “translation” of a neighbor’s party the other school made up story suddenly stopped. Whether the son realized the truth becomes known, or simply grew up. Even a little pity, to be honest, it is very interesting were his stories.

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