In the direction the ISS is flying a massive piece of the Soviet satellite

After a few hours, just five miles from the International space station will fly large fragment of space debris, which is a fragment of the Soviet satellite. It is reported the mission control Center. To carry out the correction of the ISS orbit, or to evacuate the crew of the station are planned.


At a minimum distance from the International space station by space debris will be at 20:20 Moscow time. While the danger to the ISS, according to experts, the chip is not. The MCC noted that, although in this case, to change the orbit of the station is not planned, such maneuvers of evasion from space debris are held several times each year. This happens if the probability of collision is high, and the options for changing the orbit of the station in this case, the calculated ballistics MCC, RIA “Novosti”.

As reported TASS, a fragment of space debris with which to pass the ISS, is a fragment of the Soviet satellite “Resurs-O1”, also known as “Kosmos-1689”. It was launched on 3 October 1985 using the carrier rocket “Vostok-2M” and was the first satellite for remote sensing of the Earth in its series. “Resurs-O1” descended from orbit and ceased to exist, having burned in the dense layers of earth’s atmosphere, on 14 January 2001. Just a series of Resurs-O1 includes four satellites, the last of which was also the instrument of meteorological and heliogeophysical appointment and was in orbit for 3.5 years.

According to some estimates, today in space is more than 17 thousand man-made objects, and the vast majority among them represents the space debris, decommissioned satellites, upper rocket stages, boosters and various debris. Space debris is already a significant problem, and in a few decades can pollute the earth’s orbit, which humanity will have to abandon the idea of space exploration. Today, many professionals looking for a way to solve this problem, but none of the important proposals n for service not accepted.

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