Karjakin lost to Carlsen in the tenth game of the match for the chess crown

The tenth party of a match for the title of world chess champion between Russian Sergey Karjakin and Norway’s Magnus Carlsen ended in victory for the latter.

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Thus the Norwegian grandmaster was able to equalize in the match for the world chess crown – 5:5. The tenth party lasted six and a half hours.

Recall that Carlsen and Karjakin played 10 of the 12 parties. In eight of them the score was even. On account of the Russians is a win – win-win for him became the eighth party.

The 11th party they will play on Saturday, November 26. If at the end of 12 batches, the winner is not revealed, the grandmasters will play the half-time break. The favorite of the tournament, the bookmakers believe the Russian.

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