Killed in Switzerland each granddaughter Lebedev was the son of Azerbaijani businessman

Azer Yagubov, who died in a car accident along with his granddaughter Platon Lebedev Diana, is not the nephew of an official of the Russian Government Shikhlinski, as previously stated. He, as reported by Azerbaijani media, – the son of former Federal representative of the CJSC “Azerbaijan airlines” in Moscow Machir yaqubova.

The last nine years the deceased lived in Switzerland, where he first studied at the elite private school TASIS, and then in no less prestigious Franklin College.


Apparently, the young man had a great future, to which it has been prepared by the family.

The TASIS school, where he studied Yagubov, is located in Lugano in the French part of Switzerland. The main building of the campus raspolozhena in the magnificent 17th-century Villa De Nobili. The school has a branch of the Italian and English languages.

There are 650 children and adolescents 50 nationalities from 4 to 18 years. Parents lay out for the education of their children in the 2016-2017 school year, 75 thousand Swiss francs (69959.94 EUR).

In school a huge faculty — one teacher for six students. And each class has maximum of 12 people.

Del Mar, Marbella ✌On!!!

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Branch elementary school TASIS appeared in the autumn 2005 as the first English-speaking school in the region. Today it is graduated 180 students of twenty different nationalities, speaking twenty-one different languages.

There are also 13 levels of external and six for interns.

For the transition from primary to secondary school students through College students in 6,7 and 8th grades.

Those disciples that they plan to do in the future in the global higher educational institutions are preparing for it in high school, which developed a special academic program.

In the training program of the school founded educational trips to European countries. Students can enjoy acting in the school theatre, to draw, to play music, to learn dancing. Or — to play sports like, especially popular are skiing, no wonder the school is located close to the Swiss mountains and lake Lugano.

Monte Bre, Lugano ?

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The mission of the school is designated thus: “to instill in your child a love of “beautiful” by developing a sense of respect, responsibility, compassion, mutual observation”.

Private Swiss College of liberal arts, where he studied Yagubov, preparing for the field: history of art, history and literature, international banking and Finance, international relations, world economy, international management, international relations, literature, modern languages (French, Italian), visual and communication arts.

Judging by the photos from the page yaqubova to Instagram, he probably wasn’t in a relationship with Diana Lebedeva — no pictures where they were together. Perhaps they were just good friends.

According to some, the day before the death of Mahir Yagubov was talking to my son on the phone, Azer, he said, did not consume alcohol, in General, there are signs of trouble, and anyway, he was fine.

According to the site, fallen into the lake the car could not find a few hours because there were no eyewitnesses of the accident.

The relatives of the deceased yaqubova, according to the Agency, has already arrived in Switzerland for identification. Soon the bodies of both victims will be transported to Russia.

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