Lovelorn student took revenge on his ex-girlfriend, splashing her face with acid

The inaction of the police, who did not want to interfere in the relationship of a girl and her boyfriend, led to tragic consequences in the Moscow suburb of Mytishchi. Annoying cavalier burst out into the acid of his passions and fled the scene. Only the reaction of the girls saved her from severe chemical burns.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

As it became known “MK”, a real drama was played out between the former lovers. A resident of Mytishchi, 17-year-old student of the 1st course with one of the transport universities Ekaterina Petrova (all names changed) about 7 months ago I met through a social network with 21-year-old Denis Glebov (also a student, but another University). The guy spelled out in the Elektrogorsk, but lives in a hostel in Moscow. Soon, the young people met in real life and liked each other. The couple began to meet twice a week, but after three months she decided to break up with a boyfriend. She announced him on the phone. But the student does not take no for an answer and began stalking her. Dennis called her on the phone, met at the house entrance and at the exit of the University. But the girl did not change her decision. Then the young man began to write in the social network of nasty things about Kate and threaten her with violence over the phone. The mother of a minor appealed to the police station in the Kuntsevo district of Moscow. However, the police refused to initiate criminal proceedings. And it soon became clear that this was an unforgivable error of law enforcement..

On Friday, about 6.30, a student came out of her house, intending to go to class. She barely walked a few meters, I heard behind the rapid footsteps. She turned and this time her ex-boyfriend splashed her face with some liquid. The girl was saved by a quick reaction to what is happening. She managed to raise her hands to defend yourself from the terrible consequences. She only got burns on the face and hands first and second degree and was able to return back to the apartment. From the house of the father immediately called a brigade “first aid”. Medics took the victim to a local hospital. But then she refused hospitalization, and returned home. Now the suburban guards are searching for the attacker. According to police, the girl brought up in a happy family. Dad of the victim works as a leading specialist in the logistics company, and my mother was a cashier of the gas station.

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