MGTS decided to clean up and repair of apartments

“Moscow city telephone network” continues to look for ways to offset the decline in revenues from fixed telephony. The operator has started to render services on cleaning and home and household repair

“Dust faster, stronger repair”

On the website MGTS has launched a new section of the “Home operator”. In it, the subscribers of Moscow and Moscow region can be electrical and plumbing work, repair service, installation of household appliances, small household repairs, computer help, noted on the website.

Marketing Director of MGTS Dmitry Kulakovsky confirmed the launch of the project, adding that he now works in “pilot” mode. For 2017, the company intends to add new service services. “This is another step towards the transformation of SSA into a full-fledged multi-service operator with a large set of “ntelecom”services. Long been evident that revenue from communication services is growing slowly, the company started the development of new services that will bring additional revenue,” said Kulakovsky. Investment in the launch of the project and the estimated amount of revenue the direction it was not called.

At the same time to perform the work will be part of the staff of MGTS, in part — will be involved in outsourcing. “But for subscribers it won’t matter — the service and quality of work will fully answer MGTS” — said Kulakovsky.

Why MGTS new services?

For the first six months of 2016 revenue of MGTS amounted to 20,01 billion rubles is 19,94 billion RUB over the same period in 2015. The net profit declined from 6,599 billion to 6,359 billion.

Founded in 1882 MGTS initially specialized in telephony and for a long time was a monopolist in the capital market. In the 1990-ies the company had competitors on the market of fixed telephony by 2000 years of the subscribers began to refuse the services of such operators, preferring to use mobile phones. The revenue of MGTS from traditional directions began to decline. In the first half of 2016, the figure was 8,665 billion rubles, which is 8% lower than in the same period of 2015.

To offset the decline in demand for its basic service, MGTS in 2011 launched the project of upgrading the network to GPON technology — replacing old copper lines to fiber-optic. MGTS were ready to place in apartments of the subscribers of a special router which allows you to not only telephony but also other. For the first half of the 3.4 million subscribers MGTS in Moscow (we are talking about families in which can be several people) of more than 1.6 million used the services of Internet access, digital TV or telephony via GPON.

“This has allowed MGTS to focus on the transformation from a traditional Telecom operator into a multi-service operator, through the development of intelligent services based on the Internet. Today MGTS offers capital market services, communication — Internet, home phone, digital TV, mobile communications virtual operator (MVNO) networks, the parent company of MTS, but also services for managing the home office and the city: video surveillance solutions, security alarm system for physical and legal persons”, — stated in the report of the operator. In addition, SSA establishes a surveillance camera contract with the city.

Mixed market

MGTS is not the first technology company that decided to market home services. In the fall of 2014, Yandex has launched the service “Yandex.Master” aggregator of services for household repair, computer service, cleaning, repair and connection of equipment, by Express orders, etc. But a year later the service was closed. As explained the head of “Yandex.Master” Lev Volozh, despite the company’s efforts the service never became popular. “The main reason was the device of the market of household services: the lion’s share of orders is done directly and not through the company, as people used to refer to the familiar and recommended by the masters. As master said, who recently came in my order through “Yandex.Master” wallpapering, “firms open and close, and the masters remain,” — said Volozh.

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