Nutritionists have found out why after trying to lose weight people gain weight again

A group of Israeli professionals od the leadership of Eran Elinav from the Weizmann Institute carried out a study whose aim was to understand better what after a diet weight, often soon restored. Scientists came to the conclusion that one of the main reasons may be the composition of the microflora of the human intestine. This, according to the researchers, according to the results of experiments on mice.


In the first phase of the study, researchers first fed a rodent laboratory food with a high fat diet, and then translated them into a balanced diet, slimming, then again started to give them fatty foods and so on. This alternation led to the fact that every “cycle” the mouse began to all quickly gained weight and became inclined to more substantial obesity.

Experts have noticed that the intestinal microflora of animals has changed shortly after the start of the experiment, and these changes remained at the stage when the rodents stopped feeding fatty foods. This allowed the scientists to assume that the bacteria keep “memory” of past obesity and provoke accelerated weight gain in those who in the past he has suffered.

These findings confirmed the second part of the study when the bacteria of mice in the past eating fatty foods, transplanted into the intestines of lean mice, the latter also began to gain weight rapidly.

Reportedly, based on the results obtained, experts have learned to predict, prone whether or not a mouse to be obese, according to the flora of her intestines.

Their findings, researchers reported in the journal Nature.

Previously, scientists representing the University of Pittsburgh, came to the not very surprising conclusion that thinner people do not wish to re-gain weight, you should continue to monitor their diet. Experts noted that a particularly strong temptation to eat “hit and miss” becomes after four months of dieting.

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