“Six Russian athletes accused of paying bribes to the IAAF in a cover-up doping tests

The head of wfla Dmitry Shlyakhtin said to “Interfax” that he sees no logic in the alleged actions of the athletes

Russian athlete Olga Kaniskina: TASS, Stanislav Krasilnikov

– German television channel ARD and French newspaper Le Monde claimed that six Russian athletes specializing in race walking, paying hundreds of thousands of euros to the former leadership of the International athletics Association (IAAF) that helped them to hide the doping of the sample.

Both media refer to the materials of the French Prosecutor’s office, which investigates corruption in the IAAF.

ARD posted a photo of the document in which the mentioned Russian athletes Valeriy Borchin, Olga Kaniskina, Vladimir kanaykin, Liliya Shobukhova, Sergey Kirdyapkin and Yuliya Zaripova. Next to each name indicate the amount from 300 to 700 thousand euros.

According to German journalists, one of whom is the author of the film about doping in Russian sport, Hyo Seppelt, these amounts would be paid as bribes in 2011.

Meanwhile, the current President of the Russian athletics Federation (vfla) Dmitry Shlyakhtin said on Friday “Interfax” that the French Prosecutor’s office has not contacted wfla on this issue. “I heard about this topic. I don’t know where the walkers kind of money. They have a whole life to win to collect these amounts. Question: for what was it to do?” said shlyahtin.

He explained that the prize athletes allow to have such amount only hypothetically and does not cover the size of the bribes allegedly paid. “A bonus for world Cup – 100 thousand euros, for the championship of Europe – 50 thousand. First, to win you need more, then get the money, add to give. So my question arises,” – said the President of wfla.

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