The defendants have not brought. In Rostov the Ukrainians tore questioning Yanukovych

The phenomenon of the fugitive President three years later

Fugitive Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych last appeared in public three years ago. In December 2013 he gave several press conferences in Rostov-on-don at the overthrow of power in Ukraine, promising to return home. Since it is almost never seen. It is known that he, in his own words, lives with his family in Rostov-on-don “from a friend”. Here 25 Nov happened the reappearance of the ex-President of Ukraine. Viktor Yanukovych was in Rostov regional court in secret. Journalists on duty at the entrance of the court saw an hour and a half before the gates of the Department drove black Mercedes with tinted Windows and a van. Whether it was Yanukovych himself, no one for sure can’t.

Yanukovych’s motorcade entered the territory of the court. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

In connection with the interrogation of a 66-year-old policy around the courthouse was heightened security at the entrance to every nook and cranny on duty police officers. Employees of the Rostov regional court was prepared for an influx of journalists and noted that accredited about a hundred representatives of the media.

The mystery of the Kiev gunmen. Who killed people on the Euromaidan?

“According to our data, arrived and Ukrainian journalists — both supporters and opponents of Yanukovych, we are ready to provocations,” — said the official representative of the court.

Ukrainian channel to cover the trial came “1+1”, “112”, “inter”, “Ukraine”, “Public TV”.

Alive whether Yanukovych?

To see in the courtroom, the fugitive President managed units of journalists because he was in a separate room, where the applied signal in the large conference room.

Broadcast live from the Russia trusted TV channel “Russia-24”, other journalists promised to let the two or three minutes to take a picture.

Yanukovych arrived in the court of the Rostov region secretly. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

Representatives of the Ukrainian media meticulously asked the employee of the press service of the court to hold the room Yanukovych.

“We want to make sure is alive whether Victor Fedorovich. Maybe instead he sent a DoppelgangeR?” — they argued.

But the bridge between Svyatoshinsky court of Kyiv and the regional court in Rostov ended so quickly that some journalists because the inspection did not even have time to get to the conference room.

As explained by the Commissioner of the Ukrainian court Sergey djachuk, the reason that the court has not taken the accused from detention — the staff of division “Golden eagle”. Ukrainian journalists said that the nationalists had blocked the exit from the detention center, so people could not be delivered to the courtroom.

Victor Fedorovich — superstar. As Ukraine tore questioning Yanukovych

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Unexpectedly took the floor Yanukovych himself: “the Tightening of my inquiry is the deliberate decision of those who do not want to restore the truth. So I ask you to carry out the process today. This is very important, because we have done a lot for the video bridge took place”.

Mr Yanukovych said in the Ukrainian language: “I would ask the Ukrainian court to make a good connection. We were warned that the planned provocation, please take this into account by the court.”

The parties agreed to conduct the interrogation of Viktor Yanukovych at a different time. Tonight the fugitive President of Ukraine plans to speak to reporters.

Picture of the Ukrainian court in Rostov was blurred, as transmitted through the webcam. Photo: AiF/ Vitaly Kolbasin

Recall that the responsibility for the death of hundreds of people on the Maidan in 2013-2014, the new Ukrainian government has placed on the ex-President, his entourage and interior Ministry special forces “Berkut”. The accused police officers in turn denied involvement in the murders.

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