The European Parliament has called not ready to abolish visas with Ukraine in the country

According to the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, the granting Ukraine visa-free regime is hampered by the fact that a number of countries are unable to agree on the mechanism of suspension. According to “Ukrainian truth”, Schultz called with France, Belgium, Italy and Germany.

“We (the European Parliament) are unable to accelerate (bizwiz). In the European Parliament we are ready, we have prepared everything that was assumed in the respective committees on visa liberalization, on the one hand, and on the so-called mechanism of suspension. And all that lingers, lingers here in the Council, not the European Parliament. And I hope that the EU will find a solution,” he said.

Answering a question of journalists that can to postpone the adoption of a mechanism suspension to the French elections, Schultz said that he doesn’t know about this decision, and added that the suspension mechanism cannot negotiate because of the position of some countries.

November 17 member States of the EU have tentatively agreed on the abolition of visas for Ukrainian citizens, however, the implementation of the agreement will be possible after improved suspension of this regime.
“I am very pleased that our solution can transmit a positive signal before the summit EU — Ukraine on 24 November,” — said the permanent representative of Slovakia to the EU Peter Javorcik.

According to the results of the EU summit on 24 November 2016, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk at a press conference confirmed that Ukraine is ready for visa-free regime, but it will come into force when the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union will agree on a mechanism for emergency suspension of visa-free regime for all countries with which it is installed. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said that it could happen in December. Tusk promised to work to find solutions and its adoption will be strengthened and accelerated.

The dialogue on facilitation of visa regime with Ukraine, the EU has since 2008. Finally, on April 20 of this year, the European Commission has submitted a legislative initiative to the EU Council and the European Parliament to abolish visas for holders of biometric passports, acknowledging that Kiev has fulfilled all obligations. Along with the decision by Ukraine, the EU expects Georgia. In April 2014 the visa-free regime was introduced for citizens of Moldova.

The introduction of visa-free entry to the EU means that Ukrainians with biometric passports can stay in the Schengen countries without a visa for 90 days. The period may be extended to 180 days for business trip, travel programs or deal with family issues.

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