The head of “Mail of Russia” saw no reason to cancel the bonus of 95 million rubles.

The Head Of “Mail Of Russia” Dmitry Strashnov

Photo: Oleg Yakovlev/RBC

The head of “Mail of Russia” Dmitry Strashnov believes that it is not necessary to refuse
from remuneration 95,4 mln., since the bonus it added state. The Directive on the abolition of remuneration would create “a very bad precedent for the market,” he said

General Director of “Mail of Russia” Dmitry Strashnov said that he saw no reason to refuse compensation. He declared “RIA Novosti”.

He explained his position by the fact that this bonus is accrued to him by the state. State “in the person of the Ministry or the government” produced “these regulations [the bonus],” he explained. It can do “a kind of Directive video” to cancel these bonuses. In the case of such a Directive “would be a very bad precedent for the market as a whole,” said Strashnov.

He also said he is open for cooperation with the attorney General and hopes for a speedy resolution of the situation. “I’m open to absolutely, I am ready to come at any moment and give more explanation. It is important that these explanations people wanted to hear and to understand. Because explanations can be given, but not always they want to hear,” he said.

Strashnov said that he is now on a business trip in St. Petersburg and in return will deal with the claims of the Supervisory authority. He expressed hope that “common sense will prevail,” and all problems will be resolved.

Earlier in the day, the General Prosecutor’s office demanding to initiate a criminal case against Dmitry Strashnov and two heads of departments of the Ministry of communications on suspicion of negligence. In the opinion of the Supervisory authority, in June 2015, he received 95,4 mln. illegal payments for financial-economic activities of the organization in 2014.

He Strashnov, earlier commenting on this information TASS, said that he was surprised the requirements of the Prosecutor General, and the claims of the Supervisory authority learned from the media. He explained that three days ago there was a “comprehensive information” on his income, the rules of bonuses and regulations reglamentario “calculation of remuneration paid to executives of public companies, pursuant to which calculated my bonuses”.

Director of external communications Department of the Ministry of communications Ekaterina Osadchaya, commenting on the claim of the Prosecutor General, said that the Agency does not agree with.

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