The Russian Embassy confirmed the death of the granddaughter Platon Lebedev in Switzerland

In Switzerland in a terrible car accident crashed the granddaughter of businessman Platon Lebedev – Diana. Information about the tragic death of 19-year-old girl was confirmed at the Russian Embassy.


The young heiress of a Russian businessman Platon Lebedev and one of the brightest representatives of the “Golden youth” of Moscow was killed in an accident in the Canton of Ticino in Switzerland. Along with it crashed her friend, who was sitting behind the wheel of cars. According, it was the 23-year-old Azer Yagubov – the nephew of the head of the state division of the legal Department of the government of the Russian Federation.

That the victim of the accident was the granddaughter of the defendant in the YUKOS case Platon Lebedev, RIA Novosti confirmed in the press service of the Embassy of the Russian Federation. At the moment, Russian diplomats engaged in the issue of export of bodies of victims home.

The accident occurred on Thursday around 4 a.m. local time. The driver of the BMW in the cabin where Diana was sitting, lost control and went off the road, breaking through the barrier. The wrecked car with the bodies of dead found at the bottom of lake Lugano. Currently, the police finds out the circumstances and causes of accidents.

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