The Union of paratroopers of Russia commented on the disappearance of parachutists in the Kuban

In the Temryuk district of the Krasnodar territory continue to search for soldiers of the 108th airborne assault regiment, Novorossiysk 7th guards airborne-assault division that went missing during the day on 24 November during a training jump. It is reported, discovered the body of one of three missing 24 – year-old Sergeant Kurilov.

It was assumed that two contract servicemen and conscripts could splash down into the river Kuban, near the village of Varenikovskaya.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

About how should be organized the training jumps, and how dangerous the landing on the water, we talked to the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the “Union of Russian paratroopers”, guard reserve Colonel Valery Nikolayevich Yuriev.

– The landing is extremely dangerous. When planned jumps in the water, paratroopers wear spasitele, jumps are performed in the Lite version. Previously conducted by suitable ground tests of the elements of the jump. People specially trained for landing on the water.

In this case, the jumps were made on the ground. At the organization of jumps, if in close proximity of the landing area is a pond, put up a special rescue team. If the pond is small, it involves a rowing boat. If the water area is large enough, as the river Kuban, must be exhibited in sufficient number of boats with motors ispolzovaniem.

Second. On duty at the landing pad, head hopping, on their control points must have surveillance equipment, including binoculars. They watch the landing of personnel. You need to ensure that “the whole ship out”. Parachutes work fine.

– The defense Ministry announced that the Marines had landed “outside the specified area”, in the river Kuban. How could it happen?

– There have been some deflection, whether the aircraft was thrown wide of the target air-assault group, whether there were some powerful updrafts, which are difficult to predict. And the group of three carried in the direction of the river.

– How much time they had to assess the situation?

If they were jumping out of the plane silt-76, they had weapons, at least with a gun, plus the RD-54 (backpack paratrooper), plus winter clothing, that is was hard.

A parachutist dropping from a height of 800 meters at a speed of 5 meters a second. That is, the reduction is 120 seconds, 2 minutes,. People only become comfortable with where he is, and then appears before him water barrier. Even the experienced parachutist is not easy to react, to figure out what to do.

Of course, when a young fighter comes in the airborne, carried with it a set of lessons, the so-called ground tests of the elements of the jump. Also practiced actions in case of emergency, emergency situation, including while landing. But this is largely introductory. Solid skills of the conscripts in this.

– How to act if a water landing is inevitable?

– First, you need to turn in the wind, secondly, deep enough to sit in the main circular strap, which usually sits skydiver. Unfasten the left side reserve parachute and put it in the right direction. Then undo the leg straps and chest of the jumper, to withdraw the right hand from under the shoulder straps, to take the slings and wait for splashdown. When you touch water with their feet to make a half-turn to the left and fall out of the harness.

Imagine yourself in a fur coat, when you are suddenly thrown into cold water. And the river Kuban ‘ – powerful enough, with fast current.

The task before the children was a difficult. The parachute is heavy, percale gets wet quickly, plus all wrapped in slings… I’ve done 200 jumps, I jumped into the water intentionally. I expect that will be in the water. It was summer, I was one weight. And it was’t easy for me. For paratroopers the landing was a complete surprise. Plus they were dressed for winter…

– And how controllable parachute-type “wing”?

Operated parachutes have intelligence departments for special purposes. And most airborne units until D-10, which was adopted by the Navy in the late 90-ies. It has a rounded dome shape (squash) with an area of 100 square meters. It is certainly not a “wing”, to deviate from such large obstacles, like a river, it is almost impossible.

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