Transplant: transplant eyes nacut be conducted in the next decade

Transplant surgery eyes have been professionals for centuries. Some very intermediate progress in this direction achieved in the past already, but until now scientists have never been able to transplant eyes from one person to another. The difficulty lies in the fact that the eye is a complex interweaving of muscles, blood vessels and nerves attached directly to the brain. However, in the next ten years, this transplant takes place, promise, experts from the University of Pittsburgh.


Experts report that they are already preparing for such an operation and expect that it will be possible in the foreseeable future. This would restore sight to those who, because of various reasons lost it, experts say. The project is sponsored by Ministerstvo of defense, which expects that the developed method will help soldiers, whose eyes were injured during military operations.

Scientists report that in the past year they have managed to achieve significant progress, successfully transplanted eyes from one lab rat to another — after the transplant, the organ has retained the functionality. One of the main difficulties was to keep the cells of the optic nerve — according to the researchers, these cells usually die immediately after the eye is removed from its original “owner”. Experts have found that this can be avoided by suppressing the gene expression of BAX, which launched the mechanism of destruction of cells.

Now, scientists continue to experiment on animals and develop new drugs that would cause different genes during the transplant to work the best for the success of this transplant.

Experts foresee that their promise, many may be skeptical, and partly in advance understand the reaction, because they set themselves a really ambitious task. However, the success of the project, scientists believe.

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