“Hackers have published the correspondence of the WADA about taking cocaine American athletes

From the correspondence of officials, it follows that athletes had been taking the drug for weight loss and with the permission of the coach

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Hackers are Fancy Bears, which became known through the publication of medical data of many well-known athletes, has received access to the correspondence of high-ranking sports officials, reports The Guardian.

We are talking about e-mails the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) and the anti-Doping Agency of the USA (USADA). They, in particular, discussed abnormal doping samples American top athletes. The representative of the USADA writes that some athletes recorded “unusual” figures for haematocrit, human growth hormone, and the average gematokrita. The author stressed that this is only the options of blood, so he asked to know, do not mistake it.

These letters also discuss the information that at least two members of the U.S. Olympic team have used cocaine to lose weight before the 2016 Games. In one of the emails saying I had received an anonymous tip about the use of American athletes of cocaine. According to the source this was done to reduce weight and with the permission of the coach.

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In addition, the materials should be that of one athlete from another team had done a blood transfusion before important competitions.

Are the names of vitamins and medicines, which were famous athletes facing doping tests out of competition. Among them was a potent asthma medicines and thyroid disease.

In the emails contained personal information of the head of WADA Craig reedy, for example, his home telephone number.

According to The Guardian, hackers gained access to data USADA, after one of the Agency staff used a computer in a public place during the Paralympics in 2016.

Fancy Bears was not limited to e-mails and also called the new names of the athletes who have the permit to use prohibited substances for therapeutic purposes (TUE). For example, the British Sprinter Adam Jamile and cyclist Ian Stannard. Previously, the hackers have published information about the reception of potent drugs such top athletes as sisters Venus and Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, Bradley Wigginton, Simone Balls and others. WADA then said that everyone had permission for banned substances, therefore a violation of the fact of reception can not be considered.

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