In Moscow, the husband of the lawyer of FBK Sable was injected with a dangerous substance

Russian politician and lawyer of the “Fund of struggle against corruption” Lyubov Sobol reported the attack on her husband, anthropologist and PhD student, HSE Sergey Mokhov. Unknown right next to the house gave him some substance, after which the man could not control her limbs and he began to convulse.


The attack occurred about Love Sable announced on his page in Facebook. She said she believes publicity is the only minimum guarantee of security.

According to her, her husband, anthropologist Sergey Moss, apparently followed on Friday evening when he was returning from the gym. Sergei noticed surveillance, but “was blamed on the usual paranoid”. However, near the entrance of Sergei waited some Caucasian, who had covered his face with a bouquet of color. Sobol says that with a bouquet of color waiting for the journalist Oleg Kashin, he was attacked.

In the end, when Mokhov began to open the door to the stairwell, a man with a bouquet stuck him in the thigh with the words “no offense”.

Sable told me that her husband immediately began to buckle his legs, he fell and had to call her and rescue service. Sergei couldn’t move, the man began to convulse, cramp and he started to lose consciousness.

In the result, moss was taken to the Institute Sklifosovsky feature, where you are unable to determine precisely introduced to him the substance because the drug is rapidly disintegrated. The doctors said that judging by the action, the substance in the pharmacy, usually do not buy it.

Sable said that he did not know who committed the attack. According to her, recently gave several interviews on the topic of corruption in the cemetery, as including deals with the study of cemetery infrastructure. She also suggested that the attack could be related to its activity of “Fund of struggle against corruption”.

Sobol said that now the husband was left dizzy. She also expressed doubt that the police will be able to find the attackers.

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